Men Ignoring Girls They Like


You thought things were going good. You two seemed to hit it off, you exchanged numbers, and then nothing. Or maybe you didn’t even get that far, but one guy caught your attention and he seems to be friendly and open with everyone except you. Does he hate you, or does he like you?

He likes you.

But there are a few different (stupid) reasons that result in guys ignoring girls that they actually like.


Reason #1 – Misguided Advice

Too many guys go to the completely wrong sources of information often (too bad we can’t show them this site easier). Their number one source of information is likely to be their best “bro” friend, who doesn’t get much attention from women himself but is excellent at faking it.

A lot of men are under the impression that ignoring a girl you like is a good way to seduce her. They are mistaking cause and effect. Sometimes, girls are more attracted to a guy who is paying less attention to them – this much is true. But usually, said guys are doing things that have a passion for, letting that fire consume them and only making time for the girl once he is satisfied with his mission.

That is sexy.

A guy who has nothing better to do than homework and video games (nothing wrong with this in and of itself) trying to emulate a guy with real passion by pretending to be too absorbed in their life is not sexy. Worst still, it’s pretty easy to see through such behavior as fraudulent.

You might just have a guy who is stuck trying to follow relationship advice but going about it the wrong way. We have actually advocated that guys do something to this effect, but we focus on guys actually being busy doing something productive if they are going to occasionally put a woman to the side for their mission.

In addition, the popularity of No Contact has guys trying to use the rule freely, without really knowing how they can use it appropriately. No contact is primarily for already established relationships, but some less experienced men might try and use it at the start of the flirting stages, to try and get your interest.

And it does sort of do that – or else you wouldn’t be on this site looking up why guys might ignore a girl in the first place.



Reason #2- He’s shy

We already did a post about shy girls and their behavior, but guys can be afflicted with this condition just as easily.

For guys, their shyness could be because they are naturally quiet, reserved (introverted) or just have low self-esteem and don’t know how to increase it.

Reason #3 – He Isn’t Sure About Your Feelings

The last reason you might find a guy you know likes you ignoring you is because he might not be sure about your own feelings. He’s afraid and insecure, thinking that he is isn’t good enough for you for whatever reason. In that case, test the waters with some escalated flirting and go from there.

In fact, the best way to deal with a guy trying to ignore you is to go more direct, make your intentions more known. Put the ball in his court, let him know you’re interested and he has a chance, but he needs to cut out the games and get serious or else you’re on to the next one.




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  1. This is a response to #3. The woman should never ‘overcompensate’ to a guy’s shyness by “making her intentions more known” — this is exactly what the average dude is counting on: having the woman bear the ‘initial approach’ risk and later the 100% ‘relationship effort’.

    In other words — dudes: Man-up!

    Here’s another viable option for the shy guys, interacting with an attractive woman:

    1. Check below the deck — you’re assured your balls are where they’re supposed to be.
    2. Talk to a woman like she’s a human being you’d like to get to know.
    3. Don’t be scared shit-less if she actually truly likes you.



    1. Exactly Alessante! I am getting rather tired of reading how shy guys
      get when they like a girl and couldn’t possibly approach her for fear of
      rejection and getting embarrassed. So it’s up to the girl to approach
      them. Apparently it’s ok if it’s the girls who get rejected. We all
      get nervous when there is someone who we like. So guys should be
      prepared to take a risk sometimes, they could have a nice surprise at
      the result. Otherwise, why should we bother with you?

    2. Equality means you have to put effort in.

      Men take literally all the risk and get all the rejection early on.

      If you are receptive, show it. Otherwise, you are ignored and we move on. Guys are tired of getting stepped on and you need to realize you have all the say in where things go.

  2. I’m just reading this to convince myself that there are other reasons that he’s ignoring other than the fact that “he’s not interested.” REALLY SAD.

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