This seems like a natural addition to our post on how one can increase their confidence. Naturally, it appeals mainly to boys. Young men of all ages, although particularly in the young teen to age 25 group, are obsessed with methods they can use to increase their testosterone. They don’t want to take steroids, but would like to see increase muscle mass and perhaps even motivation and meaning in their actions.

These are prime ages to want to max out your test, seeing as once men reach the age of 40 they start to see a steady decline in their testosterone levels each year (statistically). The earlier you begin to boost your testosterone naturally, the less these changes will effect you. You might even be able to achieve a longer period of enhanced hormone levels in which you keep your vitality alive for years to come.

The benefits of having higher testosterone are pretty desirable – more muscle mass, more strength, a higher sex drive, stronger erections, and even increased mental capacity. Not to mention less susceptibility to colds and illnesses (to a certain degree). So now that you know all the benefits, how exactly can you achieve an increase in your prime male hormone?

5 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Using Natural Methods

1. Cold Showers

Number one on the list is cold showers. That’s right, the thing that was the bane of your existence when you were younger could be the key to you increasing your overall quality of life.

The benefits of cold showers are nothing to scoff at.¬†You’ll experience improved energy, better blood circulation, and even fat loss once you begin to make the transition from hot to cold showers. My personal recommendation is that instead of taking pure cold showers, you take lukewarm showers to clean yourself, and then finish off with 2-3 minutes of pure cold showers.

When that water hits you, you’ll immediately understand.

It’ll be unbearable in the most powerful of ways. As you sit there, allowing it to rinse over you (and rotating so your entire body gets some of it) you’ll see exactly what the immediate benefits of the cold showers are. You’re forcing yourself into a hardship (albeit very first-world problems) and saying “No, I’m not going to stop just because it’s tough”. That is the very essence of what it means to be a man.

Don’t overdo it though, nothing manly about hypothermia. You only have to stay in the cold water until it starts to feel lukewarm (as your body gets used to it). Then you get exit the shower – and let me assure you, you’ll feel like a King ready to conquer the world when you do.

2. Lifting, Squatting in Particular

Lifting released testosterone into your body. Well guess what? The legs are teh biggest muscles in your body. That’s why an exercise that is designed to hit your entire legs – like the compound exercise known as the squat – is going to increase your testosterone levels drastically. That’s right, it’s time you to even lift, bro.

3. HIIT Cardio

This gets its own section because High Intensity Interval Training is not quite as standard as simple “cardio”. It involves a particular exercise regime designed to improve HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production in your body by up to 300% for limited amounts of time.

Click here to get an amazing guide on HIIT cardio.

4. Zinc

Zinc is critical for your body’s production of testosterone. It’s also typically not consumed enough in an American diet, as it’s primarily found in red meat and seafood like oysters. Look up a list of foods high in zinc, and try and incorporate them in your diet whenever you can. Also, consider supplementing with safe zinc supplements – as you increase your zinc intake, you also want to increase your copper intake as it will directly help your body balance out the zinc. I suggest taking ZMA, as it already has the necessary zinc and compliments to zinc you want. 30-50mg Zinc is enough.


5. Rest


8 hours of sleep a night. You’ve heard this. Well, did you know that your body needs the time sleeping to balance out your hormone production? That includes testosterone. If you’re depriving yourself of adequate sleep, you’re only going to hurt your test levels. Start shooting for longer, uninterrupted sleep so that your body can do it’s job and keep you running at tip-top shape to see an increase in your testosterone.

Now get out there and start getting ready to conquer the world with your masculine energy.

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