Everybody breaks up. Not every break up lasts.

Breakups are very painful experience that almost everybody faces once in each relationship. A relationship is rarely static all the way through – sometimes there is nothing but love and romance and other times there is more fighting and arguments.

Unfortunately, at pivotal moments where the arguing and fighting reaches a high point, you might experience a painful break up. If it’s with someone especially important, like your first love, the experience will prove to be completely shattering. However, it is more than possible to figure out how to get your boyfriend back.

Before you follow these tips, you need to figure out if you really want to get back together with your ex, or if you would rather get over your ex boyfriend. There are some hard questions you have to ask yourself to figure out the answer.

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can begin to move forward.

“Get Boyfriend Back” Starter Guide

1. Communicate one last time

Only do this if the break up was recent. If you were strong enough to avoid major mistakes such as blowing up his phone, take one last time to send a very cordial and professional text message that clearly conveys the following idea: you wish the best for the both of you, and you are moving on. Whether or not this is actually true for you is less important than making it seem like it is. This is the ultimate mature response to a break up, and will leave him questioning whether or not he even mattered in the first place. Of course he did, or you wouldn’t be here, but it causes him to think about himself and his own faults instead of placing the blame on you.

2. No Contact


There’s no rush to showing him you really do care about him. It’s time to go no contact, and start pursuing your own creative interests or hobbies or improving yourself. Feeling a little bit of muffin top coming on? Start that yoga weight loss program you read about and are interested in. Start meditating. Is your text game terrible? Is that part of the reason you broke up? Improve it. This is your chance to get some much deserved me-time while he’s sweating it off.

3. Wait for right time

An important piece of the “get boyfriend back” starter guide is patience. You can’t crumble and try to get him back into your life too soon. If you want to get your boyfriend back in your life then you need to wait for right time to start contacting your ex again. Many time boys are the first ones to begin putting in efforts to get back their ex girlfriend. Allow some time and space to your ex. If you start sending massive text message then your ex boyfriend will never consider you again for his girlfriend. Do not worry though, it is really difficult for your ex boyfriend to forget all romantic moment you both spend together. But if you keep on sending bad text messages then it puts negative feelings about you in his mind.

4. Don’t avoid him:


Does this seem like a paradox to No Contact? It really isn’t. No contact is all about not reaching out to your ex when you’re in your leisure or free time. Never going out of your way to contact him. But if you happen to run into each other, it’s fine to talk for a short amount of time and be polite while it happens. But end it abruptly – you have shit to do now.

Note: Adopt the “Get Over Ex Boyfriend” Mindset, whether that’s your goal or not.


The worse thing you can do is try to avoid him if you happen to be crossing paths. Instead, try to share smile with him and let him feel like it’s OK to start a small conversation. Don’t start begging to get back if he is interested but he will surely soon start patching up things with you. Don’t try to blame him for all the misunderstandings that took place previously in your relationship. Forget and forgive all mistakes that he made in the past. You want to have the “get over ex boyfriend” mindset, not a “fuck this dude and everything he stands for” mindset. This way, you’ll be fine whether or not you two get back together.


These are 4 tips about how to get your ex back that will help you in getting your ex boyfriend back. The most important tool to get your ex back is patience and perseverance. Don’t rush to get him back, wait for right time and when your ex lover contacts you for meeting, try to patch up your breakup from your side and your boyfriend will follow your guidance.

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