Overarching Rules To Texting Girls You Like:

Rule One.

Do not use proper grammar. Optionally, do not use proper spelling.

I know what you’re thinking, it sounds ridiculous. But for whatever reason, texting in proper sentences is not perceived as sexy to women. Worse, it’s perceived as try-hard and nerdy. Unless you’re writing for a relationship help site to help guys seduce women and vice-versa, you’re going to instead be sending texts like this

  • hey
  • wassup
  • wyd (what are you doing)

There are two reasons for doing this:

One, she perceives it as you not going out of your way to correct your grammar and spelling for her. You don’t have time for all that. Either you’re a busy man, or she has not earned enough of your attention to deserve you meticulously capitalizing and punctuating. This is a good thing to play to your advantage.

Two, doing this will naturally make your text messages shorter, which is good, and brings us to rule two of texting a girl you like

Rule Two


Keep It Simple Stupid

The longer your text messages, the less points you’ll get with the girl. You’re going to want to keep it pretty short, and you also do not want to fall into being one of the many other guy she texts just for a fun conversation. When a girl gives you her number, it might be a sign that she’s interested. You need to capitalize on that interest and set up a date.

First message to a girl you like:


I’m serious. Keep it simple.

The Last Rule To Obey When Texting A Girl You Like

  • Be yourself

And by that, I don’t mean be the you that isn’t quite sure how to talk to girls and is likely to end up friend zoned. Instead, I mean only follow advice/ideas on what to text if they mesh with your personality, and the persona that she believes she gave her number out to. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten the GetExBackGuru date-4-you service up yet (it’s hard to set up a service that goes on dates and tells you exactly what to say secretly).

At the end of any seduction through texting, it’s going to be you and her in person to close the deal.


Questions to ask a girl while texting

What are you wearing?

This one is best done if you have the personality to pull it off in a half-joking half-serious manner. You don’t want to bring up a potentially sexual topic and then shoot it down yourself as though you are uninterested, that’s quick way into the friend zone. At the same time, you don’t want to use a line like this because it’s corny and too direct to start sexting with. So if you have the personality to pull it off as somewhere in the middle, use it. Because she’ll go crazy wondering if you meant it or not.

What are you doing/What are you doing this weekend?

Don’t ask these questions directly like that unless you’re pretty sure the girl is begging for you to ask her out (in which case it wouldn’t matter, and you want to be as direct as possible). Instead, make it fun.

You: “hey i know what ur doing for me this weekend”

Her: “lol what”

You: “cooking me dinner before you take me to the movies”

Her: “lol oh really?”

Banter begins.

You want to make sure that whatever you send to her, you keep it slightly sexual/romantic to make her at least suspect that you’re interested. And make your move soon. Again, too much beating around the bush and she’ll assume you’re not confident in your abilities or performance.

Note there’s not much else on this list of things to text girls. That’s because, you should be bantering with her based off personal experiences to keep the mood light, have inside jokes, and of course, some sexual innuendo. There’s only so much a script on the internet will do for your texting, and it won’t help you on a date, so I’m not going to provide that crutch for you. Instead, take this opportunity to follow your own personal script between you two, but again, eventually you need to shoot for a date. Within a week of getting her number you should be asking her out.

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