Netflix and Chill

This phrase is sweeping the nation in it’s popularity, which could be bad in the long run. But life is short and we’re trying to help you live yours to the fullest, so let’s focus on the short term. Right now, many people of both sexes are using this innuendo to initiate a date, or rather, a hookup, with someone their interested in. The fact that it’s mainstream means that right now it’s the perfect balance of putting yourself out there but still having some plausible deniability.

You meet a girl, get her number (or get her number through Tinder). You small talk for a bit, and feel a bit of chemistry (or you’re looking to get a new friend-with-benefits). Rather than waste your time talking about platonic things until you end up in the friend zone, you ask her to come back to your dorm to “watch Netflix and chill”. She interprets this as you wanting to have sex, but continues under the false pretense of you two just watching The Notebook or some such on Netflix. She agrees, and you two set the date.

Why did she agree? There are a few options.

She wants to have sex with you and is aware of the innuendo behind “Netflix and chill” and is OK with where things may lead if you happen to get hot and bothered during The Notebook.


She doesn’t know what “Netflix and chill means”, yet is OK with the idea of being in an enclosed space with you for an extended period of time (at least 2 hours) but would prefer if it did not get sexual.

Which one of these things do you think is more likely?

So, to take the proper steps to set up your Netflix and Chill date, you want to proceed assuming she’s aware of the current stigma behind agreeing to such a meetup is going to be.


you said netflix and chill
What both parties should assume should happen when you say Netflix and chill.


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You’re both playing a game at this point, teasing each other. Hopefully you have enough confidence to make your intentions known, without being too overt. Then the game becomes you two talking about stuff you both know doesn’t really matter.

“What movie should we watch?”

“How about a romantic comedy?”

“Okay, sounds great, I like xxxx”

As long as you’ve been assertive enough for the person to reasonably conclude you are interested in them, there should be no trouble with someone literally expecting only a movie and no moves to be made.


20 minutes into netflix and chill you gotta look at her robot meme


So let’s say you’ve made it – you’re at your (or her) room, isolated, watching a movie together. Hopefully, you’ve at least made physical contact with your crush by hugging her when you first met up. If not, at least move close to her or sit next to her. Then, just wait for a moment when you can gather your confidence and go for the kiss.

There’s very little chance that she isn’t at the very least expecting for you to make a move, although whether or not she accepts it or rejects you depends on your unique relationship. But you do not need to think about small things like how you kiss her, or how you initiate. There’s no magical line that needs to be said. By the time you two are alone together like this, it’s just human nature for you to at least attempt something. No matter how lame it might be.

netflix and chill meme part 2


Just remember that it’s lower than you think.

Now, of course Netflix and chill doesn’t always mean this. But it’s quickly becoming the standard, accepted interpretation of the phrase. So you should proceed assuming that both parties understand this, and if you get turned down or she says she wasn’t expecting this, just apologize and go on your way, but know that you were acting within reason. It’s more likely that the worst rejection you’ll face is a girl who doesn’t want things to move too fast requesting that you two go slower, which is perfectly fine for most guys.

If not, you can always go no contact.


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