How To Reverse ED Using Natural Cures

how to beat ed

The Best Methods To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a plague on men around the world. And there are a LOT of methods that exist that people can try to cure it. Common methods for curing ed include kegels, reverse kegels, male enhancement pills, following guides, and even buying various technologies and products. We’re going to guide you through the best options and provide a review for how effective they all are, so you can make an informed choice on how you will deal with your male dysfunction. After reading this, you will know exactly which treatment you want to use to deal with your impotency.


Top 4 Natural Treatments for ED

This section is for natural remedies of Erectile Dysfunction, that are likely to provide you with long lasting results but will require time and patience. Most people are going to be in more time-sensitive situations than these will allow.


1. Diet

This is actually one of the main points that the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol focuses on. Your eating pattern and diet can cause blood flow in your arteries to be restricted, which would impact blood flow to and inside of your penis. A quick fix is to change around your diet by adding more veggies and fruit and less carbohydrates. Men who indulge in a mediterranean diet are noted to have significantly less reported cases of ED occuring in their lifespan. This diet essentially places heavy emphasis on fruits and veggies, WHOLE grains, and heart-healthy fats like olive oil and nuts, as opposed to steaks and hamburgers (some red meat can and should be enjoyed, but not too much).


Note: Alcohol – moderate it. Heavy drinking has been linked tos ignificant liver and nerve damage, and alcohol of any amount does have an impact on your hormone levels. Alcohol is known to be high in estrogen and can lower your testosterone, so unless you have testosterone to spare you’ll want to make sure you leave the drinking for once-in-a-while fun occasions. Over consumption of alcohol and ed go hand-in-hand.

And as we all know, Diet tends to go hand in hand with…

2. Exercise

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through exercise will allow you to avoid nerve damage related with being overweight, as well as help reduce the chance that you develop type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes itself is also linked to erectile dysfunction in men, and can lead to diabetic neuropathy which can affect nerves in the penis. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are similarly damaging, with their being a high probability any of these will impact your blood vessels that are supplying blood to your penis. To avoid many diseases that can cause or worsen ED, as well as bring other health issues with them, developing a decent exercise program will be critical.

Do not get caught up in the overthinking that often comes with this phase. A “good” workout routine is any routine that you can stick with. Find one that meshes with you and utilize it. Your increased heart rate as a result of regular exercise will also help to improve your symptoms of ED, as blood flow to the penis will be increased leading you to stronger erections.

3. Eliminate Stress

This step is going to be easier for some than others, but stress does have a serious impact on your health overall and your hormone levels and blood vessels directly. Stress lowers testosterone, and causes your blood vessels to contract which can damage them. Whatever you have to do to help yourself be less stressed, do it if it isn’t too unproductive. Consider beginning yoga or meditation, or if you can moderate yourself play video games to blow off some steam every now and then.

4. Stop Smoking

If you’re a smoker, you should know that cigarettes are infamous for their damage to blood vessels. They will have the effect of curtailing blood flow to your penis, and the nicotine itself forces blood vessels to contract which will also impact blood flow. Quitting smoking is a different beast on it’s own, but you should start looking into guides to stop smoking if you’re serious about curing ED naturally.


The ED Freedom

The ED Freedom is one of the top treatments for ED, and has been critically acclaimed since its release. We’ve even reviewed it on our site before to check it out, and it does indeed have serious merit. It focuses on guiding men towards fixing their ED through primarily diet and exercise based methods, which, as listed above, fall under the “all natural treatment” category. This means that they’ll inherently be longer lasting than many temporary treatments, pills, or injections one might invest in.


Kegel Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

Kegels have been well documented (scientifically as well as through anecdotes) to have a strong impact on certain instances of ED. Particularly younger men, from teens to early twenties, have been noted to see significant reduction in their symptoms of ED after starting routine kegel exercises. The results are usually able to be measured after just a few weeks of good workouts, and they also have the added bonus of improving your sex life overall with your new found ability to delay ejaculation as well as having stronger erections. However, they are not a panacea for erectile dysfunction. Kegels are best utilized by combing them with some of the other best ed treatments included on this page to see the best results when trying to improve your sex life.


Can ED be cured with Male Enhancement Pills?

There is some evidence that they are effective, but we advise that you proceed with caution. Normally we would provide a list of the best ed pills, but overall the pills have too much risk involved with them to be worth the reward. Consider these as a last resort, and focus on all of the other methods we’ve provided before you tackle these. Overall, I think you’ll be happy you did in the end.



First off, don’t think this is a static list. As we continue to look for more method to solve this growing problem, we’ll add more methods and guides to help people figure out which ed treatments to put their stock in. For now, this list is more than enough for one to get started on fixing their erectile dysfunction immediately. Just make sure that you give the natural methods a good chance before you turn to relying on ed pills or other various devices.


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