Simple Tips To Get Your Ex Back

Feeling down? Need Advice Getting An Ex Back?

Here are some important tips that will help you in get an ex back into your life. If you want to get your ex back then you need to understand these tips carefully because without understanding these tips you will likely not get your ex back. Consider the place where you can begin to revive your relationship.

get-him-back-300x207 (1)Tip 1 – Figure Out What your Relationship Needs From You.

When you get in relationship with your partner then there are 4 fundamental things that are expected to be present:

  • Romance / Love.
  • Security / Trust.
  • Intimacy / Sex.
  • Your Time.

These are basic requirements of every relationship. If your relationship failed and your ex left you, there was a failure in a mutual delivery of all these aspects. But the first step is locating this weak link in your relationship.

Every second of every day someone’s relationship is ending. But each and everyone on eof these unique break ups can be linked back to one of the 4 fundamentals of a good relationship being missing from their life. If you’re going to be committed to getting an ex back, it’s up to you to figure out which one of these aspects your relationship lacked, and make sure you make it known that you can now provide it. Another important aspect is balance, as too much of one of these aspects can also weaken your relationship. Some people love their partners way too much, but still find that their relationships end in a break up.

Tip 2 – Know Why Your Relationship Ended.

This tip is important because when you are start working on getting an ex back you should know why your relationship ended in the first place. You and your partner are two totally different people and your needs and demands are different from each other. The sort of misunderstanding that comes from this innate difference can lead to many break ups.

get-her-back-300x200Tip 3 – Decide if you want a Short Term Relationship or Long Term Relationship?

What types of relationship did you two have? What type of relationship do you want now? If you wanted a long term relationship and they were only looking for a short term relationship (sex), this is an easy explanation as to why you two broke up. The type of relationship you are both after completely changes the dynamics in the chemistry you two will have. If you are both after a short term relationship, saying “I love you” a few weeks in would kill the mood. If you’re after a long term relationship and have been dating for a few years, the lack of an “I love you” would be a serious warning flag.

Tip 4 – Know The Psychology Behind Your Breakup.

You need to know what was going on in your ex mind when he left you. If you’re reading this advance to get your ex back, it’s not going to help if you broke up because your partner decided it really was “them, not you”. Was it something to do with you, or with them? Did something serious happen in their life? I know it is impossible to see what ex is thinking about you but you can decode the answer from your ex’s actions. If your ex leaves you by saying these super classic lines “I need space” , “You deserve better”, “I don’t know what I want ” that means you are moving too fast or too slow in your relationship. If you really can’t figure out what your ex was thinking, perhaps getting back together isn’t the right idea after all.

Tip 5 – Avoiding Doing These:

  • Chasing after your beloved – A common mistake that many people make their attempts at getting an ex back. Avoid crumbling and looking desperate and weak after the break up, and start to move towards self-improvement. Figure out an exact plan.
  • Blowing up their phone – If they go silent on you, realize that no amount of prodding is going to get you a straight answer. Even if they do break and start responding, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll actually get the truth in their response. It’s a waste of time. Go No Contact on them, and give them 60 days to send you a text, and gauge from there.

Keep these tips in mind when you decide to go down the path of restarting a relationship. It can be a bit difficult, but it will pay off it was indeed meant to be. Just don’t crumble and make sure you keep moving towards self-improvement, as well as keep in mind that introspection is a good practice. Figure out if anything that caused the relationship to fail was your fault, and if you actually do want to change to try again.


Figuring Out The Best Way To Get Your Ex Back

Looking for a Full Relationship Recovery?


If you are thinking that your ex partner is the right partner for you are always dreaming about them, you likely want start taking action in figuring out how to get your ex back. But it is very important to avoid relationship recovery mistakes that most people do. If you want to get your ex back then you need to complete plan for it. Don’t worry this plan is not difficult to follow nor it contain any dirty tips, but it does work like magic. Once you’ve given it a good read, you need to seriously decide if you’re going to try and get your ex to like you again.

If you don’t take action you will never get your ex back again, they’ll have too much time to move on, or think about everything that made the relationship go sour in the first place. That is why it is important to take action if you want the best results. Feeling lonely, stressful, desperate and heart-broken might start slowly destroying your confident level which will harm any future attempts to get another girlfriend or another boyfriend. If you want to get your ex back then you need to defeat the loneliness, and above all avoid any mistakes.

Before you get to work on getting your ex lover to like you again, here are 9 questions you need to ask yourself and answer HONESTLY.

Killer Mistakes in Relationship Recovery

Question 1: Do you seriously want to get your ex back?

This question maybe seem obvious to you, but it really isn’t. If you seriously want to get your ex back then you need to have a proper plan. Do you think your ex will come back by looking at what you are doing now? Are you binge watching netflix? Are you eating a tub of ice cream and crying over him? I’m sorry, but that sort of appearance isn’t going to help you here. Do you have any bad habits that you know annoyed your ex, like smoking perhaps? Did he think you had a bit too much weight? In such a case, if you’re not ready to change, your ex isn’t going to be happy and won’t be returning anytime soon. Which leads us to the next question

Question 2: Are you willing to change for your ex partner?

Are you willing to change yourself because your ex partner hates one of your bad behaviors? In general, it is not good to change yourself for someone else. If you are planning to change yourself because your ex partner hates behaviors then you need to make sure you’ll be happy with the change yourself. It’s fine if you want to change for a relationship, it’s a main tenant of compromise, but make sure you benefit from the change as much as your partner does.


Question 3: Do you need to increase your confidence?get-my-ex-back-262x300

Do you think you are not suitable for your ex? Or do you think you don’t deserve your ex? If you are asking these questions from yourself then it means you have low confidence. An easy way to speed up relationship recovery is to realize your confidence is low, and do whatever it takes to increase it. If it’s worse than low confidence, and you are suffering from anxiety attacks, depression and stress because of the breakup then you will also want to consult a doctor for your own sake.

Question 4: Are you feeling desperate?

After a breakup, you’ve found that you are the one that is hurting the most; you are the one most desperate to get your ex back.  We can’t help our feelings. If you’re feeling this needy and dependent on your ex, just make sure not to reveal these emotions. They will have you looking too clingy and desperate to ever hope to reunite with your partner. Acting as unaffected as possible by the split is a good way to get your ex back.

Question 5: Are you ready for action?

Like I said before, if you’re serious about getting your ex back, you need to be prepared to take some serious Action. Action is more powerful than talking or reading, even when you’re reading an excellent blog like this one. Thinking where to start? Start working on yourself. Start by updating yourself, lose weight, learn about latest fashion and get new friends. Once you start changing yourself your ex definitely start noticing you once again.

Question 6: Are you motivating yourself?

Go on pinterest, start looking at motivational quotes. Look at yourself in the mirror and think about what you want to realistically change about yourself. Motivating yourself is related to increasing your confident level.  The more confidence you have the more attractive you are. Especially when this confidence is coming from being comfortable in your own skin. People always want their partner to be confident and if you keep on having low self-esteem you’re just asking to be taken advantage of.

Question 7: Are you feeling panic?

Are you feeling panic and thinking to call your ex? The absolute last thing you want to do is blow up your exes phone, especially with double or triple texts. Even worse if the text messages aren’t even good ones. You’re not thinking rationally, so put the phone down and find something to distract yourself with. Consider yoga or meditation to keep yourself nice and calm.

Question 8: Are you drinking alcohol to forget the pain of breakup?

Many people start drinking alcohol thinking alcohol gives them relief from pain of breakup. This is just going to delay your steps towards a relationship recovery if that’s the path you’re heading down. And not to mention the physical and mental damage excessive drinking does to your body. If you are making this mistake then you need to stop immediately.

Question 9: Are you active?

Ask yourself are you active in your daily life? Are you active to start taking action? It is very important to get active to help improve both your physical and mental state and improve the success chances of your plan to get your ex back. This is very important aspect of your life and should be kept up regardless of your relationship status.


Get your Ex to like you again:

These are 9 deadly seriously how to get your ex back questions that most people fail to consider seriously. If you’re really ready to take the steps towards a full relationship recovery, you need to ask these questions of yourself to be absolutely certain. Once you’ve decided, you can begin to move towards a full fixed relationship with your ex.

That’s all for now, but follow this blog regularly, I’ll be updating with even more tips and tricks to help improve your relationships (or lack of) for both sexes.


Remember, you are not alone in wanting to get your ex back. Breakups happens in every relationship, and not all of them are mutual. Some get their partners back and some do not. The main difference between the successes and failures is strategy that they follow.