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Language of Desire

One big cause of a relationship failure is a lack of adequate sex. Either the man isn’t doing his job, or the woman is not enticing enough to her man to keep him interested. In some cases, you find a situation where a man would rather watch porn then entertain his partner. This is the situation that Felicity Keith found herself in.

She came home from work early one day to try and surprise her boyfriend; instead she was the one who ended up shocked as after he had declined sex with her for a solid week she found him enthusiastically watching porn. She immediately suffered a blow to her self esteem; what was so exciting about the porn that she couldn’t deliver to him? He didn’t even realize she was watching him until she spoke up. After this experience, Felicity Keith decided she would devote herself to understanding how men think in order for her to be able to sexually arouse them whether she pleased.

The question now is whether or now the system is effective, or if it is actually a scam.  This review was started to answer these questions.

Official Site: http://languageofdesire.com/

What is the Language of Desire (LOD) program?

This program finds its roots as being a complete guide to dirty talking. However, it involves many more intricate techniques than that. It’s the ultimate guide to fufilling your boyfriend, lover, or one-night stand. It was created to combat the initial shyness many women feel with guys.  Some techniques included in the book include:

  • Pavlov’s Erection – Which involves you learning how to arouse your man without even touching him.
  • Erotic Telepath – stealthily learn what your man really wants in bed, and bring about his fantasies if you so wish.
  • Porn Destroyer – There was no way Felicity wasn’t going to include this. This technique is designed to make your boyfriend stop watching porn.

Is this System for Me?

It depends. Are you shy in the bedroom?

Do you want to know how to turn your boyfriend on?

Do you want to be a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets?

If so, then yes, this program is likely going to be of interest for you. Especially if you’re trying to get back your ex and know that your previous sex life was sub par.

Who is Felicity Keith?felicity keith is the lod author


As we said above, Felicity Keith is pretty much your average American woman who experienced the shock of realizing that her sex life was so sub par her man opted to watch porn instead of have sex with her. The damage of such an experience left a lasting impression on her, and she began to work hard to improve her bedroom skills.

Through her Language of Desire, she has transformed from an average woman trying to help women worldwide to a proclaimed “love guru”, with thousands of women constantly asking her for help on how they can improve their sex lives.


Sneak Peak

Below is a video that shows off what you get when you purchase LOD and have access to the member’s area.

Book Breakdown

Once you’ve picked up the book, you’ll get immediate access into the Language of Desire’s member’s area. From there, you can access:

  • 10 Modules and a PDF download that will allow you to begin implementing the techniques.
  • An audio download of the book that enables you to listen to it from anywhere as you stay mobile.

Not convinced of the book’s power? Here are a few of the phrases from the book for you to try out:

You’ll have to try harder if you want me in your bed tonight.


You’re the (best, wildest, strongest, fiercest, dirtiest) lover I ever had.

Phrases like these appeal to the man’s innate nature. The first one inspires him to rise to the challenge and conquer you, and with this sort of appeal he’ll likely succumb to his inner caveman and give you wildest night you’ve ever had. Rewarding him with the second phrase will inspire him to keep delivering the sex he just did. It’s simple psychology, but very effective.

Other Reviews

Here are some thoughts from other people on this program, so you can get an idea of what kind of reaction its users are having.

what people are saying

I will note that it was extremely hard to find other reviews that were not designed to sell the program only, so be careful. However, video testimonials do exist on YouTube speaking good things about the program.

FREE Bonuses with LOD

These gifts come free with your purchase of the program

LOD bonuses

  1. The Good Girl’s Guide to TEXTING DIRTY – This is good text guide to how you can talk dirty over texts. Be careful with this though, there’s always a risk of your boyfriend showing his friends when things get too raunchy.
  2. SILENT SEDUCTION – No words, just action. This guide teaches you how to deliver a massage that will leave your man a bumbling mess.
  3. Unstoppable Confidence – This is for the shyer girls, and teaches you how to increase your confidence, especially with matters of the bed and beyond.

Best Way to Purchase

LOD is available for purchase in many places, but if you go to the wrong site you might end up paying way too much for it. You can snag it easily enough by clicking the button below. You can pay using VISA, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or PayPal.

download button

Because you’re purchasing through Clickbank, you also automatically get a 60 day return policy. You can request a refund for your book purchase anytime within 60 days. That refund is available with no questions asked – so it’s a great way to know you’re getting a risk-free purchase.


  • LOD dives into the sex side of a relationship, which is critical yet often taboo.
  • This book guides you towards having an analytical mind when it comes to sex, giving you complete control over your man’s emotions.
  • This program has already helped thousands of people fix their sex lives, which has naturally improved their relationship quality overall.
  • There IS a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


  • This book is not for the shy, although it can help you get over your shyness. Women who are timid in bed are going to have to refer to the free confidence program for help, especially when it comes to things like dirty talk. Being awkward about dirty talk is a quick way to kill the mood.
  • If you don’t have an open mind about sex, there’s no way the book is going to work well for you. This stuff is pretty raunchy. For real.

    Conclusion & Overall Rating: 97/100  A+

    Language of desire is the best program to get your man interested in you. The system is extremely thorough in touching on all aspects of sex, such as emotional, physical, logical, and mental. You’ll have no trouble implementing the easy-to-read techniques, and if you’re convincing to your lover you’ll find he’ll be like putty in your hands in bed. You’ll be wearing the reigns and the pant (although really neither of you are going to want to be wearing pants).

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  1. I’m reading the program now, and i have to say it seems pretty solid. might spice up my married life

  2. I have a question.If this is purchased, does the user have unlimited access? or it is listen/once or a specific amount of time etc then it’s not available anymore?

  3. Hello,I found your review really helpful.I need these but I can t pay online.I don t have these debit,credit cards or Pay Pal..cand you help me,please? I really need to have this book…Regards

  4. I am not dating anyone but I am sleeping with the same boy and I would like to take things to the next level and date him would the LOD methods be a good oprtunity for me to get him to want me ?

  5. Hello,I am not dating anyone at the present,but here is someone who I have my eye on in particular. How will these program help me take to the next step?

  6. In general, I’m a naturally quiet person, how will this work for me? Do you have any advice?

  7. I really like this book immensely. It contained very useful and important tips on how to talk dirty and keep the fire burning in your relationship. 🙂 wonderful read

  8. I like this program for a lots of reasons. The author immediately addresses the issue of “good dirty talk”, which is something I think you can do, still spice things up (a LOT), and avoid the stigma of negative or demeaning dirty talk. This program is VERY comprehensive, which I also appreciate when I’m buying a good book, program or anything, regardless of the price. I am not a fan of writers that cover one topic briefly in order to get people to buy additional books on the same topic. You don’t have to worry about that here. I think this is a great resource for writers, too. I’m a contemporary romance (probably bordering on erotica) author, and honestly I think she covered this topic so well that it will be a resource for me going forward. She covers “why”, the importance of intimacy (which I love), ideas, how to set the stage, and then yes – specifics. 🙂 This is an amazing book/resource on this topic!

  9. The way in which every aspect of it is manner explained is “mind blowing” I normally don’t come across from such topics but i must say Language of Desire has its own charm. A great purchase. Every chapter is explained in decent way, I would highly recommend it!

  10. My husband is sometimes busy with his job and I don’t blame him but I want him to value the time we spend together..

  11. By ensuring his happiness when he’s with you he’ll only associate your presence with positive things. The language of desire shows you both how to increase your level of happiness.

  12. Having the confidence is one thing, but how will I know what to say? Give me some advices,please…

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