How to Win Him Back – Get Your Ex Back

We’re not called “Getexbackguru” for no reason. Back to the basics.

We’ve all been there for one reason or another. Maybe it was an amicable split that happened because of you to just slowly growing apart. Maybe you became different people – or at least he did. Maybe he cheated or lied and you got sick of it, or maybe you cheated and realized you made a big mistake. Whatever. We are not here to judge. We are just here to help you figure out exactly how you can win him back as fast as possible.

First of all there are multiple approaches to this sensitive situation. Whose fault is it that you broke up? Who actually initiated the breakup? These are things to consider when you try to figure out the best tactic in order to make him want you back. So we’re going to cover a broad idea they can sort of twisted into your own situation to try and see if it’ll work, and then we’re going to go into more specific situations and walk you through how to get him back after experiencing a certain scenario.

How To Make Him Want You Back

Assuming you’ve already heard of no contact, correct? Even though this seems to be a tool branded specifically for guys mainly, women can utilize it very well to after a breakup stop contacting your ex immediately. There’s very little chance of you begging or crying suddenly changing his mind and making him decide that breaking up was the wrong thing to do. It’s better to appear slightly less involved than they might expect, although you don’t want to come up with a total sociopath.

Take some time away from your, at least a week, and begin enjoying activities with your friends or maybe even other guys. Don’t go too far you don’t want to turn some other guy into a rebound because any emotions are just going to start getting even more confused. Just try and rekindle some friendships, especially ones that you may have been neglecting what you are in a relationship. Get the apologies out of the way and start doing fun things to remind yourself that you do not need your man again. You might want him back but you don’t need him back. This is an important piece of the puzzle to establish early on. It’s like they say – the person who cares the least in the relationship tends to hold the most power.

You going to want to wait for your ex to take some sort of opportunity, or excuse, to initiate contact to you again. Maybe it will be a tax on a holiday, or someone’s birthday. It can be as simple as just ahead. The moment you get your text the ball is in your court. Start thinking about what kind of relationship you want to have this person, and what exactly failed to make you guys breakup in the first place.

Once you know what you want in a relationship, you’re free to start small talking with your ex to sort of get things back to a casual place. Then set up a date with your ex and try to meet up in a public place where it could almost be considered a date, but not definitively, and go from there. Because you two already had emotions for each other, it is going to be easy and natural for things to get back to the way it was before.

That’s the general guide. Now Let’s go into specific scenarios.

Getting Back Together After Divorce

None this is a very telephone. After divorce, you’ve already gone through the messy legal hearings, bites, and likely aired your dirty laundry for everyone in the neighborhood to see and smell. And don’t even get me started on the various types of scenarios that could lead to this sort of break. If you’re going to try and get back together with your ex after divorce, you need to be able to look at your relationship completely objectively, as if you were a third person looking at you and you are ex in the marriage. There are couple of different guys that you can utilize in order to figure out how to repair a broken marriage and get back together after divorce.

  1. Save My Marriage Today – This is a pretty effective tool that I personally used when my divorce as being finalized, and I have to say the guide is pretty damn good. Saved my marriage for another 3 years before things naturally apart, on my own accord that time. If you want to check them out, their website is

2. Professional Psychiatrist – Different relationships are all complex in their own way. You need to speak to a professional, not your friends, who you can tell exactly what happened in your relationship so that they can help you out.

3. Use great sex to get him back – Another option to try and save your marriage divorce, good old fashioned good sex. May sound silly, but you’d be surprised just how much influence good sex has over men.


save my marriage program

How to Win Him Back From Another Woman

Now with the cheating on you with another woman? Or did he simply move on a little bit too quickly and find another girl to take your place? You want to try to figure out which one of the scenarios happen because if it was the former you might not want to get back with him in the first place. Let’s assume it was completely innocent and he just happened to find another girl. There are some things to keep in mind when try to win him back from another woman.

1. Could the sex have been better? There’s a possibility that you weren’t quite delivering what he might’ve expected in the bedroom which led him to try and explore his other options. You going to want to start looking into making sure that you’re not a dead starfish kind of girl. I would suggest checking out the language of desire guide in order to spice up your bedroom.

2. Were you a good girlfriend in general? Try and really consider answering this question as if you were someone else looking at your relationship. Did you do anything you could? Here’s a guide on how to be the type of girlfriend that keeps men coming back for more.


Once you answer these questions, you can begin the work on winning your ex back. Keep in mind:

1. You’ve been with him longer you have more emotional report with him. Even when he’s with her he’s likely thinking about you to some capacity. It’s like you’re both running a marathon race but you already halfway through and she’s just now leaving the starting position.

2. You can change if you need to. The fact that you on this website means that your at least admitting that there’s a chance you could do something better. Admitting get is the first step, and reading this guide in implementing it is the second step. If she doesn’t know that this stuff she can improve on she simply not going to. This means that you can quickly get the jump on her by improving yourself, probably through your sex life.

Going to want to make sure you’re not acting desperate and maybe send him a text every week or two to try test the waters and see if he’s responding or if you went no contact. If he is responding to try and set up a very subtle kind of day, perhaps a Netflix into, and go from there. It will be easier for you to make a move because you’re already comfortable with each other, and you already have quite a bit of sexual tension built up.

How to Win Him Back after a Break Up – A BAD ONE!

Let’s assume you had the worst kind of break up imaginable maybe things were thrown. Maybe we both got even a little physical. How can you win him back?

With this scenario you just want to make sure that you make it clear that you will never act the way you did during the break up again. Say your actions during the bad breakup were just your high running emotions. If you’re having trouble getting a response from the ex, try this texting guide (text your ex back) in order to send the kinds of messages that will at least get him interested in meeting up with you again. From there it is a simple as letting things move naturally, relying on your already built up emotional rapport and comfortability with each other.



“Should I get back together with my Ex?”

One last thing to consider – should you get back your ex at all. This is exactly the right kind of question to be asking, because it means that your halfway ready to move on if you need to let you just want to make sure that moving on is indeed the right move. We’ve already written a guide on how to understand whether or not you should get back your ex, but pausing to ask yourself this kind of question is a sign of deep emotional maturity. I’m sure that if you do decide to move on, you’ll have no trouble finding a new guy.



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