How to Tease a Girl

how to tease a girl playfully and sexually

How to Tease Women

The ancient art of teasing is long forgotten and often under appreciated. Teasing a girl, playfully or even as a foreplay into sex is one of the most powerful ways to arouse her attention (or just outright arouse her). Women are extremely vulnerable to teasing, and many find themselves easily swayed by a playful man confident enough to push her buttons, but doing so with a unmistakable lightness (so that she doesn’t just wind up getting hurt or angry because you did something terribly rude).

This is an important detail to teasing that you must not neglect. You must be taunting her from a place of playfulness, not spitefulness. You want to be affectionate while you’re messing with her.

Teasing is also a great way to measure a girl’s interest in you, if she responds playfully, energetically, or plays along with your teasing it’s a good sign that she might be interested, and at the very least she’s not uninterested. If she shuts it down, either you caught her in a bad mood or she is actually not interested in you (friend zone maybe?) , but that’s OK. You don’t want to be with a girl you can’t joke around with anyway, right?


Another important note is that you don’t want to ever be afraid to tease a girl. Too many men out there have that ground covered for you already, as you’ll soon discover. Once you get into the habit of teasing girls, whether you’re interested in them romantically or not, you’ll see how well women respond to it. That’s because a lot of guys simply lack the confidence to even try and tease a girl, because they fear they might lose the girl’s interest altogether if they say something or do something other than complimenting a girl. That’s a losing mentality.


Teasing is fun for BOTH parties involved, so don’t ever feel afraid or guilty for doing it. It adds a whole new dynamic to your relationship with a woman.


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That being said, let’s get into some examples of teasing you can use:

Disclaimer: Don’t use any method here that doesn’t mesh with your personality, and don’t feel obligated to copy these exactly step-by-step. These are just examples of teasing that many guys have made use of and seen positive reaction to. Some of these I wouldn’t even want to do, but I’ve left you option to pick and choose whichever ones work for you.


-Whisper “sweet nothings” into her ear. Literally, whisper the words “sweet nothings”. Alternatively, do it with words that are definitely not sweet nothings. For example, after you’ve established this habit, while watching a comedy movie whisper “Adam Sandler” in her ear.

– Randomly slip bottle caps into her pockets when you can

– Try and get her to kiss your eyebrows, elbow, or something else random. Once she does it, look at her with disgust and question why she would do that.

– Offer her an item she needs (paper, pencil, cash etc) and then pull away before she takes it. Then offer it up and take it away last second again.

– Mimic her

– Replace her makeup with crayons

– Get her attention by having a conversation. Without breaking conversation, continuously hand her random objects. She’ll be naturally compelled to take them from you and be left with a bunch of garbage in her hands.

– Pretend to mishear/misinterpret her. Or flat out act deaf.

– Mess with her hair (disclaimer: this one could be dangerous)

– Offer a high five, then pull away at the last second to make her miss

– Dad jokes and generally awful puns

– Give her empty sticks/packs of gum

– Touch her with something cold

– Narrate her thought processes out loud, especially in a silly voice. Also works if she’s currently mad at you; for example if she’s giving you the silent treatment and walking around you, say “oh boy, here she comes. Oh yeah, still ignoring me. She’s really showing me what’s what now!”

– Randomly bring up embarrassing moments

– look away or focus on a random object while she’s in the middle of telling a story

– Open the door for her with a grand gesture. As she goes to step through the door, push past her and go through first. Alternatively, once she goes through first.

– Collapse on top of her and pretend to be dead (AKA trustfall)

– Walk into her and then say “hey, watch where you’re going!”

You get the idea. Rekindle with your inner child and let loose.


Sexual Teasing:

Sexual teasing is completely different from playful teasing, because when you’re teasing for sex you’re trying to get her in the mood. Some things you can do:


– Prevent her from kissing/touching you back as you proceed to do as you wish to her.

– Maintain strong (but not creepy) eye contact. Basically, if you’re unattractive it will come off as creepy.

– Go slowly, agonizing slowly, while make sure you’re in full control (so she doesn’t think you’re being timid)

– At a public place, like a restaurant? Under the table, start exploring her body while making sure no one you’re out with knows but her. Bonus points if you start conversations with people and leave them none the wiser while doing it.

– Give her a full body look over.

– Lightly trail your fingers around her body.

You want to exercise patience and control with this method of teasing. Anything you can do to show your restraint while still messing with her will be golden.




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