Making Her Cum Quickly and Effectively

It’s no big mystery that it can be quite difficult to get a girl to successfully reach an orgasm. A lot of men simply don’t understand what they’re doing, nor do they have an idea of what the “right” way to do things might be. So today regard to the to just how you can make her come with the ease, with all you really need to do is practice to be able to do it on a regular basis.

Understanding Orgasms

Women have several different ways that they can actually reach their orgasm. Some gross income multiple different ways, while other girls only are comfortable with one specific way. It’s important to try and feel out what kind of orgasm your girl prefers, and if you can figure it out to just feeling her body inbreeding her reaction to look even better on you. Alternatively you can fall back to just asking her, but to be honest this does actually ruin a bit of the mood. Girls like to feel like there with a guy who knows what he’s doing, or at the very least can pick up on her reaction to figure out what he needs to do to make them both happy and into the night. If that’s not you, I suggest you try and have to fake it.

The Vaginal Orgasm

This is the simplest form of orgasm. A vaginal orgasm is reach simply by stimulating her vagina, a.k.a. insertion. This is the most typical kind of sex and I will default to, which is simply too bad because it is not the typical kind of sex that results in women orgasmic. Many more are more clitoris stimulation kind of girls. But for vaginal orgasm you can reach this through simply standard sex, or using a vibrator. If your girl is a kind of girl who likes vaginal orgasms and you not able to make her come, you might want to look into increasing your own endurance and power in the bedroom.

Studies have shown that older women are more likely to come from American vaginal orgasm. But again we should be able to read your girl to try and figure out which one she prefers.

The Clitoral Orgasm

This is by far the most common type of orgasm that many women can reach. It’s a shame that it’s also the most complicated one for guys to enact even though it is actually relatively simple to understand. All you want to do is focus on the clitoris, a.k.a. the part of the girl that has over 8000 sensitive nerve endings just waiting to be teased, touched, and licked by you.

However guys have to keep in mind several rules.

1. Don’t go straight to the clit instead you want to teaser playing around with her upper thigh right around the claimant and maybe just touching a little bit with a soft touch before going back to other parts of her body. You want to make her want to. Sex for women is as emotional as it is physical, if not more so emotional. By being able to tease her you are subtly implying that you are in complete control over whether or not she does cum successfully, which is just going to turn her on more.

2. When you do finally begin to focus on the claimant want to make sure using a very light sort of touch. You’re looking try and keep your tongue relaxed focusing on using either your teased by gently biting down your tongue to keep in place then move your head up and down the left and right, or trying to keep your tongue relaxed and focus on using the back of your tongue muscles in order to massage the quickly time. You can also try gently sucking on it gently – and I do mean GENTLY. Don’t get weird about it guys, but at the end of the day the clits nerve endings are remarkably similar to that of the penis. Like in your penis sucked don’t you?

3. You can also combine clitoris and vaginal stimulation. Either enter and then use one hand to gently massage the clit as you thrust, or you can instead use her own sort of toy, such as a rabbit on her click while you go at it. You can also order her to massage own clit as you do your work.

The GSpot Orgasm

Perhaps the most famous of all orgasm methods is the Gspot method. The G spot also known as the Gräfenberg spot (named after Gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg) is located inside the vagina.

What Does The Gspot Look and Feel Like?

illustration to show what the gspot looks like and where it is located
Here’s an image of what the G spot looks like. The G spot is located on the top wall of the vagina about halfway through the vaginal opening and the cervix. This is about 2 to 4 inches inside depending on the girl. The spots and feel just a little bit rough not unlike the surface of a walnut.

How to Hit The Gspot

Once located there are a few different ways to stimulate the G spot to make her come. One popular way is to hit by fingering inputting your palms facing upward and doing a come hither motion picture middle and ring finger in order to massage the G spot. Alternative way is during vaginal insertion, and involves you simply adopting a position in which your penis of the rubbing directly against the G spot.

For example you can use an alternative version of wheelbarrow or missionary position to hit the spot. Depending on the shape of your position and the position that the girl is in you can also adjust your missionary positions that you pick the G spot, while being vaginally inserted, and have your stomach rubbing on her clit at the exact same time. This is called a three-pronged assault and yes I did just coined that term. Doesn’t change that and just as effective as it sounds.

And that’s about it! You know know exactly what kind of methods you can use in order to make your girl come easier. You can either stimulate the clit, depend on vaginal insertion and your own thrust, endurance, and range of motion; or you can stimulate her G spot. Try and get a feel of what your girl likes, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. The most important part is to act like you know what you’re doing even if you don’t. Now go out there and become a modern-day Casanova.


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