How to Eat Ass: Guide to Rimming/Analingus


1. Establish comfort. As with all matters of sex, the best way to achieve explosive results is often through making sure that you and your partner are both comfortable. This rings true also for the art of rimming. There are a couple of different ways you can work to allay your partner’s existing anxiety to make the experience of Analingus as pleasant as possible.

Cleanliness – Shower. It’s really no surprise that cleanliness is a big concern considering that analingus (also known as rimming or tossing the salad) involves direct contact from one partner’s tongue to their recipient’s anus. No one is going to want to try this without the recipient having come fresh out of the shower. While the recipient is in the shower, whether its you or your partner, they should take a finger and take a few seconds to make sure they dug everything out that they need to.

Cleanliness- Trim. You can debate whether or not you’ll be trimming, shaving, or letting your natural bush grow out on the front side of your body as much as you want. But when you’re dealing with the behind, you better believe that hair better be gone or low as possible. No one wants to have the experience hampered by having to duck and weave through a forest. Trim, shave, or try some hair-removal creams.

Cleanliness- Bleaching. Anal bleaching is primarily utilized to lighten your anus, which can make it look much more appealing to the person about to stick their tongue inside of it. However, their are risks of burning, irritation, and potentially even scarring. This is primarily a cosmetic procedure, so if you’re going to go with it to enhance the experience of rimming, make sure the place you’re getting done at is clean and safe.


1b. Consider Protection – If you’re with a partner who you feel might be unclean (in which case what you’re about to do is pretty stupid) or you’re just on the safe side then you’re going to want to consider building a dental dam.


dental dam for rimming and eating ass
An example dental dam that can be used for both oral sex or analingus.

Dental Dams can be constructed by taking a thin square of latex, (improvise with an unlubricated condom, latex glove, or plastic wrap) and then fashioning one by cutting in half and pressing it against your mouth as the picture above depicts.

2. Procedure


Once again, as with all matters of sex, you’re going to want to add some foreplay before you get straight into the ass eating. Tease around the butt. Show your partner that even though you’re about to do what can be considered a pretty submissive act, you’re the one really in control here. Taunt them as you explore their entire body, then briefly linger on their main areas before leaving again. Make them really squirm. When you’re ready to start getting into it, test the waters and begin actually playing with their butt and anus. Pay close attention to their body language and how they tense up. Hopefully if you’re at this stage with your partner, you can recognize which tenses are a good sign (something for you to exploit for pleasure) and which are signals of pain.


Spit (Saliva) is going to be the butter for this bread. Anuses don’t self-lubricate, so a good idea is to spread your partner’s cheeks apart when you’re ready to get serious, then start licking, drooling, or evne spitting to get their anus nice and lubricated. Don’t rush to start adding in your fingers, or else it’s gong to be a painful (and short-lived) experience.


As you’re lubricating with the spit, make sure that you keep their ass cheeks spread wide enough for your tongue to be able to weave as it needs to freely. You’re not trying to tear your partner in half at the butt though, so find a good balance. Rimming, as I’ve said before, is an art. It’s a delicate process, so be patient and calculating, rather than giving into your lust and going wild. Take deep, calming breaths if you need to.


And speaking of your breath, this is another power tool to use in Analingus. Once the anus has become wet due to your application of spit, it’s going to be a lot more sensitive. A nice cool or even hot breath is going to send shivers up your partner’s spine, so feel free to take breaks from licking to apply your breath in a controlled manner. Almost like you’re trying to whisper, although your mouth is a bit wider to avoid the actual sharp whistling noise (which is probably a mood killer).


Make you add variety to your method, swapping between circling, to random shapes, or the alphabet and so on and so forth. You can also adjust the size of your tongue, between narrow and wide, to control the amount of pressure you give.

Avoid Tunnel Vision

As you’re in the act, don’t forget to explore other areas of your partners body (that you can reasonably reach). Just be smart and safe if you decide to let your tongue wander after its been in your partner’s asshole.

Clean Up

Afterwards, the first step for you and/or your partner should be to brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Get that stuff taken care of.

Enjoy! With this guide to Rimming, you’re well on your way to becoming a regular master of Analingus. All you need at this point is to keep in mind that practice makes perfect.


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