How To Dump Him

So, you’re here. You looked at your relationship and decided things just weren’t working out. You tried to improve yourself, you even picked up a book that greatly increased your abilities in the bedroom. But the relationship is still not delivering everything you want it to, or you just realized that he’s giving you negative signs, so it’s time to call it quits. That’s fine. But you want to make sure it ends nicely, so that there’s potential for you and your boyfriend to still be friends after the breakup.

Here’s how you can try and reach that goal.

1. Decide If This Is Right For You

Are you sure you want to break it off with your boyfriend? And do you know exactly why? It’s important you solidify why exactly this needs to happen for you to improve your own quality of life.

2. Pick a Time and a Place

Don’t dump him out in public when you’re all with friends, if you do it privately don’t do it in a setting where he has all the power (like his house) in case things get unexpectedly violent. Meet at a neutral place or a setting you control, and make sure you don’t do it while someone is driving. The emotions will be running high and might make the driving dangerous for both of you.

3. Meet Face-to-Face

Do not break up with him over text. How would you feel if you thought things between you and a guy were going great, and then he sends you a text out of the blue ending things? It’s disrespectful to the relationship and will make him think he never really mattered in the first place. He deserves face-to-face contact.

4. Tell Him Why

Men like straight forwardness. Don’t leave any doubts in his mind why this is happening, and be truthful. This is why step 1 is so important, you need to be sure of why this is happening and be able to convince him with equal certainty.

5. Take Some Blame

Even if it was mostly his fault, leverage some of the blame onto yourself so that it doesn’t just result in an argument. You have to handle this delicately or this will be a messy break up that could get both of your friends and family involved.

6. Be Strong

Be prepared to break off all contact with him if you have to, but leave the door open for you two to both be friends if he’s willing to take it. Don’t offer him friendship instead immediately, he’ll take offense. Let him come back to you later on.

These methods will allow you to break up amicably, and leaves potential for you two to even get back together if you decide to.


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