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How To Instantly Improve Your Sex Life With Kegels

If you’re a man, there is no longer any excuse for not knowing about male kegel exercises. They can cure erectile dysfunction, strengthen erections, and are the key to lasting longer in bed.

Kegels are easy to learn and quick to implement, and once you learn how to do a kegel you can begin to see beneficial results on your sex life. Women go absolutely crazy over a guy who can kegel. And while it’s true that it can take some time to work the kegel muscle up to full strength, you get immediate “browny-points” by performing the exercise to simply make your Johnson do a movement.

The Lonely Island joked about it in their Three-Way song, but the helicopter dick is very real, and has enough novelty for word to get around to other women about how much control you have over yourself. And whether they outwardly say they like or it hate it, they will all be intrigued. Turning that into a situation for your enjoyment is simply a matter of seduction.

But moving on, it’s clear that there are immediate benefits and long term benefits to doing kegel exercises if you’re a male, so there’s no reason to not get started today. Or right now.


How To Do A Kegel

Kegels are effectively an exercise, just like an ab crunch or a push up, that are training a muscle referred to as the”PC”, or puboccygeus, muscle. In order to do a kegel, you have to locate this muscle first. This can be a long and arduous journey, but once you’ve located the PC muscle half of the quest is completed.

Locating the PC Muscle:

1. Drink A Lot Of Water – I know I’m going to lose a lot of you at this step. This type of work isn’t for everybody.

2. Go To The Bathroom – And there goes the other 45% of you. But for the other 5% who are persisting in their quest to master kegels:

While you are peeing, you’re going to try two things. First, I want you to try and strain (gently) to push your urine out a little harder. Concentrate on the muscles you should feel in your penis as well as your lower stomach, which should become slightly pushed out. If you’ve got some decently developed abdominal muscles, you’ll feel a faint workout. Take note of this, this is a reverse kegel.

Now, do the opposite, and force yourself to stop peeing. This should feel like you are squeezing, and you should feel it in your penis and a bit in the rectum. Congratulations, this is a kegel.

Why did I introduce you to the reverse kegel first? Because it’s generally harder for people to do, and is actually less well known, but has a lot of benefits to being done. Now that you know how to Kegel and Reverse Kegel, it’s time to begin your training.

Male Kegels Exercises For Lasting Longer In Bed

First off, just like any other muscle, you want to warm up before you begin training your PC muscle. Especially if you decide that you’re going to full throttle with pelvic floor training despite having just recently located the muscle. For this warm up, just do a kegel (flex) for 20 seconds, pause for 5 seconds, then do a reverse kegel (push out) for 20 seconds. Repeat for 5 minutes.

After you’ve completed warming up your pelvic floor muscles, you can begin to either train for endurance in bed by learning how to stop yourself from as early orgasm, or train strength to give yourself stronger¬†erections.

Training To Last Longer In Bed

This is typically the goal of male kegel exercises. First, you’re going to do a kegel and hold it for as long as you can. Then completely relax the muscle for 5 seconds. Then, do a reverse kegel and match the time you do the kegel for (reverse kegels should be a lot easier for you).

IMPORTANT: Reverse Kegels are VITAL to doing Kegels correctly and seeing fast, long lasting results

Repeat this process until you can no longer hold the kegel for longer than 10 seconds (raise this bar more as you get stronger). If you can’t hold a kegel for 10 seconds yet, make that your goal before you start doing reps.

Do this entire process 2-3 times a day.

When you get to the point where you can hold the initial kegel for 1 minute, start aiming for 15 minutes total (7.5 minutes kegeling, 7.5 minutes reverse kegeling). Then, increase that time to 30 minutes. After that, you can either aim for an hour or meet with Bulma to see if you can return to planet Namek and take out Frieza, because you’ll be inhuman.

Now, whenever you’re close to orgasm and want to stop, just reverse kegel (best option) or kegel (viable but not ideal) and take a deep breath, and you should be back under control.


Training for Stronger Erections

To get stronger erections, you’re going to want to kegel for 10 seconds, relax, then reverse kegel for 10 seconds. And repeat. Over and over. Do it for as long as you can, take note of how many sets (1 kegel and 1 reverse kegel) you complete, then aim to beat that set number the next time.

Do this process 2-3 times a day.


Obviously, if you want to obtain full mastery of your pelvis and erections, you’re going to want to do both strength and endurance training with kegels. Just make sure that you remember one important thing: It’s your penis. You only get one (in most cases) so don’t blow it, take it easy. And you do these exercises 3 times a week. Always skip the next day and do absolutely no kegels, because the PC muscle is only going to be able to grow while it’s resting.

Congratulations, now you not only know how to do a kegel, but you’ve also learned of the often forgotten reverse kegel, which is even more powerful. Typically you’ll be able to see results in the “lasting longer” department after a week or two of keeping up this regime, but it’s a muscle and just like any muscle development varies from person to person.

Now go forth, rock her world, and do not forget to take it easy and have rest days.


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