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Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction? Follow this Protocol to Eliminate it.


Erectile Dysfunction is no joke. Millions of men around the globe are constantly doing all that they can to ensure they do not develop symptoms of ED. Those who do quickly seek out natural remedies to cure them, such as kegels and reverse kegels. But this alone is not always enough to solve trouble in the bedroom. Truth be told, ED occurs in many different forms, and can be a warning of serious health issues, or a cause of serious embarrassment. So when a program like the ED Freedom is released, claiming itself to be the Hail Mary of all natural erectile dysfunction cures, it gets a lot of attraction and a lot of skepticism.

We’re going to see just how effective this protocol really is in this ED Freedom review.

Website: www.edfreedom.com/

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Freedom?

Created by a man known as Bill Crane (I swear that name is real as far as we can tell). He is a 57 year old from Long-Beach California, and a well-known Sex researcher and Health Practitioner. Long suffered from Erectile Dysfunction himself before he decided to start looking into natural ways to combat it. He compiled information that he gathered from personal testimonies, forums like pegym.com, and even other colleagues and medical journals. When he realized that the most common cause attributed to ED, low testosterone, occurred in less than 10 percent of cases, he came to the conclusion that the way to develop a better cure was to locate the real leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men.

ED Freedom is the resulting compilation of that information Long gathered. In fact, the entire book is focused on how naturally cure ed. Long targets the blood vessels in the adult male’s body, seeking to alleviate tension in these vessels that makes it tough for blood to flow naturally. By facilitating greater blood flow in your body, you’ll see an increase in your erection quality. The book uses a combination of nutrients, proteins, amino acids, and enzymes that have to be included in your diet to improve your blood flow. There are also various exercises to fight erectile dysfunction included in the book, and naturally it wouldn’t be a book on ED if kegels didn’t get mentioned a few times.

Is ED Freedom for Me?

If you suffer from symptoms of ED (trouble getting or keeping an erection, or trouble with a lack of sex drive) then yes, you want to try out the protocol. Other situations where someone might want to invest in the book:

  • Seeking to Improve Your Sex Life
  • Looking For Natural Foods That Will Strengthen Your Erections
  • Wanting To End Sporadic Erection Quality


If you’re on the fence about trying Erectile Dysfunction Freedom, I would suggest you look into other alternatives that are designed to strengthen your erections.

  • Kegels
  • Reverse Kegels
  • Viagra
  • Ginseng
  • L-Arginine
  • Yohimbine


These are all known to help with erection quality, but everything has its pros and cons. With kegels and reverse kegels, you have to take the time to do them everyday consistently to se good results. With Viagra, you have to first locate a source, and I have yet to see proof that the benefits of it last long enough to warrant investing in it. Meaning you’ll have to depend on it every time. Then, there are proven side effects to these drugs, particularly on the heart. Is it worth the risk?  Things like Ginseng, L-Arginine, and Yohimbine are fine, but they are also actually already reviewed in the protocol and part of the regime. So if you’re fine with trying those, you might as well go the full yard and see what other options are available.

ED Freedom Book Breakdown

Here are the book’s key features you can expect to gain access to once you purchase it:

  • The diet and a detailed list containing all the enzymes, nutrients, and other organic chemicals you can utilize to beat ED.
  • Common foods and supplements containing these nutrients, and how you can best combine them to get quick results you can be proud of.
  •  A guide on how to scale the program – there are various levels of ED that men suffer and you may not need to go full throttle on the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol to see good results. This guide will help you tone down or tone up certain elements, which in turn will make it easier for some people and harder for others, depending on what you need.


Other Reviews

Here are what other people are saying about the ED protocol.





Best Way to Purchase

The ED Freedom is best purchased straight from the website, to avoid being scammed or given some sort of off-brand copy:

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Since you’re purchasing through ClickBank, you’re automatically guaranteed your money back if you request a refund within 60 days. That means you’ll have plenty of time to see if this book will really improve your erections or not.


  • This book will teach you about ways you can augment your diet with foods, vitamins, and nutrients that will work to naturally cure ed, as well as improve your sexual prowess. And some of the diet is delicious, while the supplements have no taste. It’s almost no added work.
  • Making a dietary change as a natural cure for ed is a pretty simple trade off and has almost no risks like male enhancement often does.
  • Reviews on this program are plentiful, and people have been giving it critical acclaim because of its alternative approach to erectile dysfunction.
  • It’s hard to ignore a 2 month trial period where you can get a refund at any time.


  • Even though Crane advertises that you will see results as soon as 24 to 48 hours, these immediate results are only going to last as long as you stick with the program for a bit. I’d expect a few weeks minimum or adapting to your new diet.
  • There is no indicator of how long you have to keep up your diet before you’ll see long lasting or permanent results. Do you have to change your diet forever? How long is OK to go without taking in the nutrients? There is a distinct lack of information there.

    Conclusion & Overall Rating: 95/100  A+

    ED Freedom lays out exactly what you need to do to get rid of ED once and for all, and has some pretty powerful methods and ideas that are simple, yet unique. If you’re seeking a natural cure for your erectile dysfunction, and want to avoid the more common ones like male enhancement or kegels, I would suggest trying this out. Being able to improve your sex life through diet alone is a pretty sweet deal.

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    1. For most, yes. For low testosterone, you need to look into increasing your testosterone first.

  1. I bought it a few months back. It’s effective, but you definitely want to give it a thorough read and trial period. I think the worst mentality you can have is a “this will fix me in 24 hours” mindset. Hope it does, but don’t expect it to.

    1. Thanks for your testimony, I never want people to expect instant results only to be disappointed.

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