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It’s Not Over – How to Win Him Back!

How to Win Him Back – Get Your Ex Back

We’re not called “Getexbackguru” for no reason. Back to the basics.

We’ve all been there for one reason or another. Maybe it was an amicable split that happened because of you to just slowly growing apart. Maybe you became different people – or at least he did. Maybe he cheated or lied and you got sick of it, or maybe you cheated and realized you made a big mistake. Whatever. We are not here to judge. We are just here to help you figure out exactly how you can win him back as fast as possible.

First of all there are multiple approaches to this sensitive situation. Whose fault is it that you broke up? Who actually initiated the breakup? These are things to consider when you try to figure out the best tactic in order to make him want you back. So we’re going to cover a broad idea they can sort of twisted into your own situation to try and see if it’ll work, and then we’re going to go into more specific situations and walk you through how to get him back after experiencing a certain scenario.

How To Make Him Want You Back

Assuming you’ve already heard of no contact, correct? Even though this seems to be a tool branded specifically for guys mainly, women can utilize it very well to after a breakup stop contacting your ex immediately. There’s very little chance of you begging or crying suddenly changing his mind and making him decide that breaking up was the wrong thing to do. It’s better to appear slightly less involved than they might expect, although you don’t want to come up with a total sociopath.

Take some time away from your, at least a week, and begin enjoying activities with your friends or maybe even other guys. Don’t go too far you don’t want to turn some other guy into a rebound because any emotions are just going to start getting even more confused. Just try and rekindle some friendships, especially ones that you may have been neglecting what you are in a relationship. Get the apologies out of the way and start doing fun things to remind yourself that you do not need your man again. You might want him back but you don’t need him back. This is an important piece of the puzzle to establish early on. It’s like they say – the person who cares the least in the relationship tends to hold the most power.

You going to want to wait for your ex to take some sort of opportunity, or excuse, to initiate contact to you again. Maybe it will be a tax on a holiday, or someone’s birthday. It can be as simple as just ahead. The moment you get your text the ball is in your court. Start thinking about what kind of relationship you want to have this person, and what exactly failed to make you guys breakup in the first place.

Once you know what you want in a relationship, you’re free to start small talking with your ex to sort of get things back to a casual place. Then set up a date with your ex and try to meet up in a public place where it could almost be considered a date, but not definitively, and go from there. Because you two already had emotions for each other, it is going to be easy and natural for things to get back to the way it was before.

That’s the general guide. Now Let’s go into specific scenarios.

Getting Back Together After Divorce

None this is a very telephone. After divorce, you’ve already gone through the messy legal hearings, bites, and likely aired your dirty laundry for everyone in the neighborhood to see and smell. And don’t even get me started on the various types of scenarios that could lead to this sort of break. If you’re going to try and get back together with your ex after divorce, you need to be able to look at your relationship completely objectively, as if you were a third person looking at you and you are ex in the marriage. There are couple of different guys that you can utilize in order to figure out how to repair a broken marriage and get back together after divorce.

  1. Save My Marriage Today – This is a pretty effective tool that I personally used when my divorce as being finalized, and I have to say the guide is pretty damn good. Saved my marriage for another 3 years before things naturally apart, on my own accord that time. If you want to check them out, their website is

2. Professional Psychiatrist – Different relationships are all complex in their own way. You need to speak to a professional, not your friends, who you can tell exactly what happened in your relationship so that they can help you out.

3. Use great sex to get him back – Another option to try and save your marriage divorce, good old fashioned good sex. May sound silly, but you’d be surprised just how much influence good sex has over men.


save my marriage program

How to Win Him Back From Another Woman

Now with the cheating on you with another woman? Or did he simply move on a little bit too quickly and find another girl to take your place? You want to try to figure out which one of the scenarios happen because if it was the former you might not want to get back with him in the first place. Let’s assume it was completely innocent and he just happened to find another girl. There are some things to keep in mind when try to win him back from another woman.

1. Could the sex have been better? There’s a possibility that you weren’t quite delivering what he might’ve expected in the bedroom which led him to try and explore his other options. You going to want to start looking into making sure that you’re not a dead starfish kind of girl. I would suggest checking out the language of desire guide in order to spice up your bedroom.

2. Were you a good girlfriend in general? Try and really consider answering this question as if you were someone else looking at your relationship. Did you do anything you could? Here’s a guide on how to be the type of girlfriend that keeps men coming back for more.


Once you answer these questions, you can begin the work on winning your ex back. Keep in mind:

1. You’ve been with him longer you have more emotional report with him. Even when he’s with her he’s likely thinking about you to some capacity. It’s like you’re both running a marathon race but you already halfway through and she’s just now leaving the starting position.

2. You can change if you need to. The fact that you on this website means that your at least admitting that there’s a chance you could do something better. Admitting get is the first step, and reading this guide in implementing it is the second step. If she doesn’t know that this stuff she can improve on she simply not going to. This means that you can quickly get the jump on her by improving yourself, probably through your sex life.

Going to want to make sure you’re not acting desperate and maybe send him a text every week or two to try test the waters and see if he’s responding or if you went no contact. If he is responding to try and set up a very subtle kind of day, perhaps a Netflix into, and go from there. It will be easier for you to make a move because you’re already comfortable with each other, and you already have quite a bit of sexual tension built up.

How to Win Him Back after a Break Up – A BAD ONE!

Let’s assume you had the worst kind of break up imaginable maybe things were thrown. Maybe we both got even a little physical. How can you win him back?

With this scenario you just want to make sure that you make it clear that you will never act the way you did during the break up again. Say your actions during the bad breakup were just your high running emotions. If you’re having trouble getting a response from the ex, try this texting guide (text your ex back) in order to send the kinds of messages that will at least get him interested in meeting up with you again. From there it is a simple as letting things move naturally, relying on your already built up emotional rapport and comfortability with each other.



“Should I get back together with my Ex?”

One last thing to consider – should you get back your ex at all. This is exactly the right kind of question to be asking, because it means that your halfway ready to move on if you need to let you just want to make sure that moving on is indeed the right move. We’ve already written a guide on how to understand whether or not you should get back your ex, but pausing to ask yourself this kind of question is a sign of deep emotional maturity. I’m sure that if you do decide to move on, you’ll have no trouble finding a new guy.



Your Definitive Guide To No Contact: Does it Work?

How To Use No Contact

So lets talk about no contact, also known as the relationship panacea. Why you may ask? Well, simply put, it’s pretty much offered a solution to almost any relationship, dating, sex, ex, foreveralone, etc problem out there. Whether you’re trying to seduce a girl or a guy, or trying to win them back, or trying to get them to know you even exist, there’s always someone who offers you to perfect solution: go no contact. But what does that mean, and how on earth can it possible fix so many dating issues?

What Is No Contact

No Contact isn’t a misnomer. It literally means to cut off all communication with the subject at hand, typically a crush or some other sort of object of your affection. Depending on the context of your relationship, no contact is designed to be extremely malleable, able to be utilized in whatever manner you wish to get the desired effect you want.

The problem is that most people take the term and use it literally, without also implementing the underlying conditions. To cut off all communication with a person conveys the message that you do not need them. This message works to get them to start doubting their own value as well as questioning how much they mean to you. When the mental gymnastics are over, they usually land at the conclusion that someone who didn’t value them quite as highly as they might have assumed might actually be a good person to have in their life, because this person must be of a higher value to be able to quickly terminate a relationship and move on.

In order for the person you’re using no contact on to reach this logical conclusion, it’s best if you actually use no contact to start improving yourself. Most people use NC as a dirty trick (hey, I’m no judge) in order to win over a lover. To strengthen the effect, you should take the time to improve yourself and start becoming the person worth loving that you’re indirectly trying to display yourself as. This means that rather than spending your time on no contact watching Netflix and eating Ice Cream, you might start looking up decent workout routines and diet plans, getting in the shape you’ve always yearned to be in, or improving your practical skills and hobbies (learning yoga, taking up guitar, learning a new language for example).

A lot of people take no contact as a time to win over their crush, to get him or her back, but really it should be used with a focus on YOU, not THEM.

By actively improving yourself while implementing No Contact, you take the facade (this person means a lot to me, but I can do better and I’m not afraid to make that leap) and turn it into reality (now that I can do X and Y, I’ve started to meet a lot of new people and improved my quality of life. Now I no longer need him or her as much as I thought, although I’m willing to give them a second chance).

The difference is huge, but I digress. At its core, no contact is insanely effective whether you use it superficially or as a time to actively improve yourself. Just make sure you tone it for the different goals you’re trying to accomplish, as different rules will yield different results.

Using No Contact in a Break Up

One of the most typical ways you see no contact get mentioned is when people are giving relationship advice to a couple that has just recently broken up. The person who is having the harder time adjusting to the change is typically advised to go no contact, and this is actually pretty effective to get your ex back. You want to go no contact for the exact reason I stated above, to make it seem like you don’t need your ex lover, and that you’ll have no trouble finding someone to replace them.

In this context, you’re likely to receive what I like to call a “tester” message from your ex after a few days or weeks. It’ll be something short, almost criminally short.


Maybe it comes after you post up some pics of you and your friends looking good on Instagram. The power of selfies is real after all. Or maybe it comes out of the blue, when he or she is sitting alone and thinking about the good times. Whatever the reason, it’s important to ignore this text.

Yes, seriously.

The first text (or first few if you really knew your way around the bedroom) is most assuredly going to be bull shit, probably designed to test your resolve with no contact. The worst thing you can do is immediately respond to it, which just validates the sender and reinforces that they were the catch in the relationship, and you couldn’t wait to nibble at what you perceived was a good opportunity for you and your ex to get back together.

The people who fall for this first shallow text are often the same people who go on to tell their story of how “no contact doesn’t work” and “even if she/he contacts you first you won’t last”. You can’t respond to their lowest exertion of effort with getting back together and expect them to value you anymore than they did when you first broke up.

So you maintain it a little longer, and a few days or weeks later (shorter than it took to get the first text post-no-contact) you’ll receive a longer text, probably sincere, with them starting to break down.

“Hey X I know you’re probably really mad at me and I deserve it and I see you’re doing really well on facebook and i just wanted to know if there was any chance of us still being something I really enjoyed the time we spent together…”


This is perfectly fine for you to respond to, as long as you follow quality texting etiquette and respond in a shorter message, preferably more neutral, expressing some light interest in meeting back up or going on a sort of “platonic” date. Of course, that date is only going to be as platonic as you want it to be. But in this context, you have all the power and your ex is trying to get you back into their lives, so when you do agree to meetup go in with this mindset and set the terms. Steer the conversation where you want it to go, whether it’s getting back together with your ex or ending things for good (nicely) .


No Contact During Separation

This is slightly different than no contact for a break up, and needs to be treated as such.

If you initiated the separation:

Keep the no contact to a minimum, but do reduce contact. No contact during a separation you initiated is like saying “I really want this to end but I’m too scared to just outright end it”. At this point your partner’s mind is going crazy, and you not speaking to him or her anymore is going to have them fearing the worst for your relationship status. If you’re some sort of narcissist (still not judging) then go ahead and utilize no contact to its fullest during this split, but I wouldn’t recommend it do to the emotional damage you’re causing.

If they initiated the separation:

Hell yes. Go no contact as hell. At this point, your partner is on the fence about your value but generally leaning towards you not being worth staying in a relationship with. You being unable to find something to occupy your time with while they initiated a separation (and likely went no contact on you) would just validate this idea. So stop talking to him or her, and go out on your own for a while. You need to prove your worth to her or him, but also to yourself. Go find something you used to enjoy and haven’t done in a while. Get crazy, get adventurous. And don’t pick up your phone while you’re doing it. Make him miss you.

No Contact for Seduction 

Generally, no contact during the flirting/seduction phase of a relationship is just going to be taken as you being flat out uninterested in the person. But if you two have been flirting for a while, it has some value when things begin to fizzle out and you feel that he is losing interest/she is losing interest in you.

If there’s still some chance of you rekindling the attraction, going no contact and then beginning to play the field (and flirt with other people) may make them realize that you are indeed worth being with. And jealousy is a powerful emotion that will also likely work in your favor – all’s fair in love and war.

The problem with this method is that no contact only works in this case if you’re taking too long to seal the deal with your crush anyway. So while it can work to finally get them to like you and date you, you would be better off in the long run if you just made a definitive move faster in future cases.


How Long Should I Go No Contact?

8 months? 1 week? 6 months? 3 days?

It really depends on context, situation, and the individual that you are not talking to. You want to wait long enough to see sincere, considerable change in their demeanor, attitude, and the way they treat you to know if no contact is working or not. If you’re not satisfied, go no contact longer (maybe for the rest of your life if the relationship is really not going in the direction you desire).

There are a lot of talk of no contact rules, but generally as long as you actively use the time and recognize how to tell bullshit “let’s get back together” texts from sincere ones, you’ll be fine with adjusting rules to your liking – as long as the core “no communication” stays the same. Oh, and for the love of god do not like their posts or retweet their nonsense during it.

No Contact is Killing Me

The harder it is for you to stay no contact, the more I would suggest you need it. If your relationship was completely healthy, you wouldn’t be looking into the rules and guides on no contact in the first place. Something was seriously wrong, and here you are. Realize what needed to be change and determine whether or not you or your partner are willing to fix it up.

Having an unhealthy connection with someone who ultimately isn’t good for you is not what we advocate here, and you should actively fight against reuniting with such a person for your own good. If you need to, stay no contact on them and go full contact with your friends and family (who you may or may not have neglected while in your now failing relationship). Have fun. See the world. Improve yourself.



This is pretty much everything you need to know about the “rules” and conditions of no contact, and how you can use it to benefit your own situation. Go forth, and use this power wisely.


Review of Magic of Making Up – Can It Really reunite you and your ex?

getting back together with ex

magic of making up

Magic of Making Up

This is a relatively new program that was created by T.W. Jackson. The goal of the book is to guide you towards reuniting with your ex, using all the methods in the book to figure out what went wrong in the first place, and then seeing if you can get back with your ex following the methods. It’s kind of like a few of the posts we have here, but it’s a much more in depth guide. Naturally, when one of our readers told us about it, we decided to check it out for you guys.

Is this a trustworthy program? Can it really unite you with your lost lover, or is it just a scam? This review was started to answer these questions.

Official Site:

What is the Magic of Making Up program?

Imagine if a love potion was transformed into a book. That’s pretty much what T.W. Jackson is selling. This book was designed to answer any questions you may have about why your relationship ended. Then, it tells you why you’re focusing on the wrong questions and points you towards methods that will work to bring your relationship back from the dead. It eliminates most of the guess work, and forces you to make a hard decision: do you want to get back with your ex, or get over your ex?

Once you’ve committed to one method, the system begins. And I have to say, reading over it the stuff in there is pretty legit. A lot of methods are stuff we cover or will cover, but put in much more in depth terms, as well as given context and anecdotes to make it easier for people reading the book to sympathize with what its saying and internalize it for the greater good.


More Info

Magic of Making Up I can see being negatively received by a few people. It’s almost unethical because it teaches how to manipulate a break up into a situation you can benefit from (if you use it successfully, your ex will be the one who changes for you). So if you’re big into your morals and ethics, you might want to skip it. If you’re interested in getting your ex back better than before, or at least better for you, you might as well pull the trigger right now.

The book is pretty simple to understand, though. T.W. Jackson is not an academic or psychiatrist like Dr. Oz, he’s just a person who has observed a lot of relationships, likely because he was once too busy not being in one and had more time to watch other people. This isn’t meant to cause offense, but it’s clear he’s your one friend that can tell you everything about your relationship and what’s wrong with it, but doesn’t have a girlfriend of his own. In this one particular case, this is an advantage because the information he provides is pretty stellar. In other cases, those type of friends are just annoying.


Book Breakdown

1. This book will not work unless a spark still remains between you and your ex lover. You can’t expect to revive a relationship that has been dead for 2 years with this method alone. HOWEVER – I will note that if you can get interest reignited, such as starting to talk continuously again, you can implement some of these methods to see great success.

2. Most people, including me, put emphasis on action over talking. I think talk is cheap. Jackson sees value in both, and basically says that most relationships are caused by messed up communication, either from lack of expression or over expression, which is true to an extent. He focuses on “magic words” and actions that can trick your ex into wanting to get back together with you. Yeah, seriously.

3. He wants you to focus more on logic than emotion. He sees that people acting purely on their emotions are the reason they are messing up their relationships, making foolish mistakes instead of thinking logically. He trains you to get better at approaching matters of love with an analytical mind. This is like the finish move that gives the methods in the system a high success rate, but at that point it’s like you’re playing chess while your poor ex is playing checkers. They don’t stand a chance.

How to Purchase

Magic of Making Up is available on their official website for a fraction of their original price. You can snag it easily enough by clicking the button below. You can pay using VISA, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or PayPal.

download button

Because you’re purchasing through Clickbank, you also automatically get a 60 day return policy. You can request a refund for your book purchase anytime within 60 days. That refund is available with no questions asked – so it’s a great way to know you’re getting a risk-free purchase.


  • Relationship advice is easy enough to recognize when it’s flat out wrong, and most of the stuff Jackson says can apply to most relationships pretty accurately.
  • With such an analytical system, it’s extremely likely that if you start implementing these methods you’ll see good success.
  • This program has already helped thousands of people repair their relationships, and apparently has even saved some marriages from divorce.
  • Emphasizes action as well as thinking.
  • There IS a money back guarantee if the system does not work well for you.


  • This book is grade A manipulative. If you’re going to start using these methods to get your ex back, you better be damn sure that you want to get back together with them…because they’ll be coming back running.
  • If you’re an emotional person this will be hard for you to adopt at first, since it involves you reigning in your emotions and obtaining control over them in pretty intense moments (meeting your ex again)
  • Overall Rating: 95/100  A

    This book provides incredibly detailed information in a format that is easy to understand and easy to implement into your life. How effective its methods are ultimately falls upon you, the reader, and how well you can bring them about. It’s a scary notion, but I fully believe that at the end of the day, once you have this ebook, how well you can combat diabetes will rest solely on your shoulders versus the shoulders of anyone else. It gives you everything you could possibly need and asks you the question, “What are you going to do about your health now?”. I highly recommend this ebook if you are struggling with diabetes.

Tips on How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Want You Back

Everybody breaks up. Not every break up lasts.

Breakups are very painful experience that almost everybody faces once in each relationship. A relationship is rarely static all the way through – sometimes there is nothing but love and romance and other times there is more fighting and arguments.

Unfortunately, at pivotal moments where the arguing and fighting reaches a high point, you might experience a painful break up. If it’s with someone especially important, like your first love, the experience will prove to be completely shattering. However, it is more than possible to figure out how to get your boyfriend back.

Before you follow these tips, you need to figure out if you really want to get back together with your ex, or if you would rather get over your ex boyfriend. There are some hard questions you have to ask yourself to figure out the answer.

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can begin to move forward.

“Get Boyfriend Back” Starter Guide

1. Communicate one last time

Only do this if the break up was recent. If you were strong enough to avoid major mistakes such as blowing up his phone, take one last time to send a very cordial and professional text message that clearly conveys the following idea: you wish the best for the both of you, and you are moving on. Whether or not this is actually true for you is less important than making it seem like it is. This is the ultimate mature response to a break up, and will leave him questioning whether or not he even mattered in the first place. Of course he did, or you wouldn’t be here, but it causes him to think about himself and his own faults instead of placing the blame on you.

2. No Contact


There’s no rush to showing him you really do care about him. It’s time to go no contact, and start pursuing your own creative interests or hobbies or improving yourself. Feeling a little bit of muffin top coming on? Start that yoga weight loss program you read about and are interested in. Start meditating. Is your text game terrible? Is that part of the reason you broke up? Improve it. This is your chance to get some much deserved me-time while he’s sweating it off.

3. Wait for right time

An important piece of the “get boyfriend back” starter guide is patience. You can’t crumble and try to get him back into your life too soon. If you want to get your boyfriend back in your life then you need to wait for right time to start contacting your ex again. Many time boys are the first ones to begin putting in efforts to get back their ex girlfriend. Allow some time and space to your ex. If you start sending massive text message then your ex boyfriend will never consider you again for his girlfriend. Do not worry though, it is really difficult for your ex boyfriend to forget all romantic moment you both spend together. But if you keep on sending bad text messages then it puts negative feelings about you in his mind.

4. Don’t avoid him:


Does this seem like a paradox to No Contact? It really isn’t. No contact is all about not reaching out to your ex when you’re in your leisure or free time. Never going out of your way to contact him. But if you happen to run into each other, it’s fine to talk for a short amount of time and be polite while it happens. But end it abruptly – you have shit to do now.

Note: Adopt the “Get Over Ex Boyfriend” Mindset, whether that’s your goal or not.


The worse thing you can do is try to avoid him if you happen to be crossing paths. Instead, try to share smile with him and let him feel like it’s OK to start a small conversation. Don’t start begging to get back if he is interested but he will surely soon start patching up things with you. Don’t try to blame him for all the misunderstandings that took place previously in your relationship. Forget and forgive all mistakes that he made in the past. You want to have the “get over ex boyfriend” mindset, not a “fuck this dude and everything he stands for” mindset. This way, you’ll be fine whether or not you two get back together.


These are 4 tips about how to get your ex back that will help you in getting your ex boyfriend back. The most important tool to get your ex back is patience and perseverance. Don’t rush to get him back, wait for right time and when your ex lover contacts you for meeting, try to patch up your breakup from your side and your boyfriend will follow your guidance.

Tips for Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Asking Yourself, “How Can I get my Ex Girlfriend Back”? Read on…

Anyone who is suffering from relationship break-up knows how painful of an event it is. However, breakups do not have to be the permanent end of a relationship. There are many couples that get together after multiple breakups. That is why if you have breakup with your girlfriend there is still a chance to get her back.

I’m speaking from personal experience – After failing to win back my ex girlfriends, I slowly started to learn from my mistakes. That’s what inspired me to write this guide.

Watch The Video That FIXED My Mentality And Got My Crush Back!

Breakups have two sides. First side is the darkest and is the fact that one partner realizes they desire something they are not getting from their lover, so they call the relationship off. But the second and brighter side of breakup is it gives time to both the partners to realize the importance of each other, and to have second thoughts about any negative conclusions they may have come to.

Deciding on Getting An Ex Girlfriend Back

Most couples who get together after a break-up experience a renewed strength, and stay together for longer than they did prior to the break-up. Now you have to decide either you want to get your ex girlfriend to want you back or if you would prefer to move on and get another girl. It does not matter how much bad the situation appears, there is always a chance of getting ex back. So is that what you really want?

If you decide to start go forward with getting ex back, here are some working on how to get your ex back then following are some tips that will prove to be very effective.

1.  Go No Contact on Your Ex:

If you want to get you’ve decided on getting an ex girlfriend back in your life then you need to go no contact immediately. This means you need to stop taking any call from your ex, you need to stop yourself from sending messages to her and you even need to stop talking about her from your friends. If your girlfriend gave you gift(s) in past then you need to put into a box and forget about it. The first step is showing you can be mature about the break up, and that you don’t NEED her in your life. Maybe you feel like you do need her, but this step can certainly help you begin to fake it until you make it.

2.  Improve Yourself:

The main objective behind it is to keep yourself busy by doing things you enjoy. This is complementary to no contact. In no contact, you’re initially pretending to be too busy to continue talking to your ex. With this step, you actually become too busy. . You’re going to start improving yourself, and become as strong as an individual as you can. Start lifting weights, start reading, pursue your hobbies with fervor.  Look around your area and you will going to find many things you can do every day. You can also involve yourself in volunteer work or you can invest your time in improving your skills. Instead of sitting alone in the dark, start improving yourself every day.

3.  Contact your ex-girlfriend:

After passing some time (weeks or months) without your ex then you need to contact her by phone call. Find something fun to do on the weekend with your friends, and commit to it. THEN, invite her to join you guys. Approach the feeling with nonchalance, you’ve already spent a few weeks or months improving yourself so you know that you’re perfectly fine without her. Accept this mindset into your heart, but tell her you want to see her happy either way.

At this point, you’re going to give her a chance to become a part of your life again. Note, I said a part of your life again. Do not approach the situation like you are begging for her to accept you again, instead give her a chance to see how you’ve started improving yourself, and extend a nonverbal invitation for her to join you and you both become better together.

 4.  Isolate Her:

If she agrees to meet up, find an opportune time to isolate her during the friendly outing. Remind her of her comfortable you two are alone together. This is not necessarily the step where you profess your feelings for her, or even where you make a kiss. Do what comes natural, and if you feel like she now wants you back, go for it. Keep in mind you should take things slowly – don’t rush to get an ex girlfriend back. In this setting with your ex-girlfriend don’t tell her about your inner feelings, that’s the quickest way for her to think your self improvement and no contact were all just facades. After this outing, if you feel there is opportunity for second meet-up arrange it 2-3 days later.

 5.  Be kind and supportive to her:

If you’re getting an ex girlfriend back you want to become friends again first. Start by being kind and supportive to her, but make sure your intentions are clear. Take opportunities for friendly touches and sexual jokes, make sure she understands you didn’t get neutered during your break up. The idea of you and your ex getting back together should be covert, not overt. Don’t force her to get back in your life instead show her you are ready to have her in your life. If she rejects your dates or advances accept it calmly and be supportive to her. Remember women like to have men that appreciate her.

 6.  Remember the Feelings

It is very important for you to remind her about the romantic feeling you both spend together. These romantic feelings are very difficult to forget and with the help of these feelings your ex-girlfriend will likely be back in your life.


Ready To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Want You Back?

Following these six tips on getting your ex back will surely help you. The most important thing is you need to take things slowly. Stay no-contact with your ex for at least 30-35 days. If you run into her during these days, keep the meeting short but polite. Fighting, argument and love is the part of every relationship. When you get separated from her don’t lose hope and start working on these getting your ex girlfriend to want you back tips to win her over.

Once you’ve started your self improvement, you can move on to the below video if you feel like you’re able to handle your ex coming back into your life.

Watch The Video Guide To Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back!



Simple Tips To Get Your Ex Back

Feeling down? Need Advice Getting An Ex Back?

Here are some important tips that will help you in get an ex back into your life. If you want to get your ex back then you need to understand these tips carefully because without understanding these tips you will likely not get your ex back. Consider the place where you can begin to revive your relationship.

get-him-back-300x207 (1)Tip 1 – Figure Out What your Relationship Needs From You.

When you get in relationship with your partner then there are 4 fundamental things that are expected to be present:

  • Romance / Love.
  • Security / Trust.
  • Intimacy / Sex.
  • Your Time.

These are basic requirements of every relationship. If your relationship failed and your ex left you, there was a failure in a mutual delivery of all these aspects. But the first step is locating this weak link in your relationship.

Every second of every day someone’s relationship is ending. But each and everyone on eof these unique break ups can be linked back to one of the 4 fundamentals of a good relationship being missing from their life. If you’re going to be committed to getting an ex back, it’s up to you to figure out which one of these aspects your relationship lacked, and make sure you make it known that you can now provide it. Another important aspect is balance, as too much of one of these aspects can also weaken your relationship. Some people love their partners way too much, but still find that their relationships end in a break up.

Tip 2 – Know Why Your Relationship Ended.

This tip is important because when you are start working on getting an ex back you should know why your relationship ended in the first place. You and your partner are two totally different people and your needs and demands are different from each other. The sort of misunderstanding that comes from this innate difference can lead to many break ups.

get-her-back-300x200Tip 3 – Decide if you want a Short Term Relationship or Long Term Relationship?

What types of relationship did you two have? What type of relationship do you want now? If you wanted a long term relationship and they were only looking for a short term relationship (sex), this is an easy explanation as to why you two broke up. The type of relationship you are both after completely changes the dynamics in the chemistry you two will have. If you are both after a short term relationship, saying “I love you” a few weeks in would kill the mood. If you’re after a long term relationship and have been dating for a few years, the lack of an “I love you” would be a serious warning flag.

Tip 4 – Know The Psychology Behind Your Breakup.

You need to know what was going on in your ex mind when he left you. If you’re reading this advance to get your ex back, it’s not going to help if you broke up because your partner decided it really was “them, not you”. Was it something to do with you, or with them? Did something serious happen in their life? I know it is impossible to see what ex is thinking about you but you can decode the answer from your ex’s actions. If your ex leaves you by saying these super classic lines “I need space” , “You deserve better”, “I don’t know what I want ” that means you are moving too fast or too slow in your relationship. If you really can’t figure out what your ex was thinking, perhaps getting back together isn’t the right idea after all.

Tip 5 – Avoiding Doing These:

  • Chasing after your beloved – A common mistake that many people make their attempts at getting an ex back. Avoid crumbling and looking desperate and weak after the break up, and start to move towards self-improvement. Figure out an exact plan.
  • Blowing up their phone – If they go silent on you, realize that no amount of prodding is going to get you a straight answer. Even if they do break and start responding, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll actually get the truth in their response. It’s a waste of time. Go No Contact on them, and give them 60 days to send you a text, and gauge from there.

Keep these tips in mind when you decide to go down the path of restarting a relationship. It can be a bit difficult, but it will pay off it was indeed meant to be. Just don’t crumble and make sure you keep moving towards self-improvement, as well as keep in mind that introspection is a good practice. Figure out if anything that caused the relationship to fail was your fault, and if you actually do want to change to try again.


Figuring Out The Best Way To Get Your Ex Back

Looking for a Full Relationship Recovery?


If you are thinking that your ex partner is the right partner for you are always dreaming about them, you likely want start taking action in figuring out how to get your ex back. But it is very important to avoid relationship recovery mistakes that most people do. If you want to get your ex back then you need to complete plan for it. Don’t worry this plan is not difficult to follow nor it contain any dirty tips, but it does work like magic. Once you’ve given it a good read, you need to seriously decide if you’re going to try and get your ex to like you again.

If you don’t take action you will never get your ex back again, they’ll have too much time to move on, or think about everything that made the relationship go sour in the first place. That is why it is important to take action if you want the best results. Feeling lonely, stressful, desperate and heart-broken might start slowly destroying your confident level which will harm any future attempts to get another girlfriend or another boyfriend. If you want to get your ex back then you need to defeat the loneliness, and above all avoid any mistakes.

Before you get to work on getting your ex lover to like you again, here are 9 questions you need to ask yourself and answer HONESTLY.

Killer Mistakes in Relationship Recovery

Question 1: Do you seriously want to get your ex back?

This question maybe seem obvious to you, but it really isn’t. If you seriously want to get your ex back then you need to have a proper plan. Do you think your ex will come back by looking at what you are doing now? Are you binge watching netflix? Are you eating a tub of ice cream and crying over him? I’m sorry, but that sort of appearance isn’t going to help you here. Do you have any bad habits that you know annoyed your ex, like smoking perhaps? Did he think you had a bit too much weight? In such a case, if you’re not ready to change, your ex isn’t going to be happy and won’t be returning anytime soon. Which leads us to the next question

Question 2: Are you willing to change for your ex partner?

Are you willing to change yourself because your ex partner hates one of your bad behaviors? In general, it is not good to change yourself for someone else. If you are planning to change yourself because your ex partner hates behaviors then you need to make sure you’ll be happy with the change yourself. It’s fine if you want to change for a relationship, it’s a main tenant of compromise, but make sure you benefit from the change as much as your partner does.


Question 3: Do you need to increase your confidence?get-my-ex-back-262x300

Do you think you are not suitable for your ex? Or do you think you don’t deserve your ex? If you are asking these questions from yourself then it means you have low confidence. An easy way to speed up relationship recovery is to realize your confidence is low, and do whatever it takes to increase it. If it’s worse than low confidence, and you are suffering from anxiety attacks, depression and stress because of the breakup then you will also want to consult a doctor for your own sake.

Question 4: Are you feeling desperate?

After a breakup, you’ve found that you are the one that is hurting the most; you are the one most desperate to get your ex back.  We can’t help our feelings. If you’re feeling this needy and dependent on your ex, just make sure not to reveal these emotions. They will have you looking too clingy and desperate to ever hope to reunite with your partner. Acting as unaffected as possible by the split is a good way to get your ex back.

Question 5: Are you ready for action?

Like I said before, if you’re serious about getting your ex back, you need to be prepared to take some serious Action. Action is more powerful than talking or reading, even when you’re reading an excellent blog like this one. Thinking where to start? Start working on yourself. Start by updating yourself, lose weight, learn about latest fashion and get new friends. Once you start changing yourself your ex definitely start noticing you once again.

Question 6: Are you motivating yourself?

Go on pinterest, start looking at motivational quotes. Look at yourself in the mirror and think about what you want to realistically change about yourself. Motivating yourself is related to increasing your confident level.  The more confidence you have the more attractive you are. Especially when this confidence is coming from being comfortable in your own skin. People always want their partner to be confident and if you keep on having low self-esteem you’re just asking to be taken advantage of.

Question 7: Are you feeling panic?

Are you feeling panic and thinking to call your ex? The absolute last thing you want to do is blow up your exes phone, especially with double or triple texts. Even worse if the text messages aren’t even good ones. You’re not thinking rationally, so put the phone down and find something to distract yourself with. Consider yoga or meditation to keep yourself nice and calm.

Question 8: Are you drinking alcohol to forget the pain of breakup?

Many people start drinking alcohol thinking alcohol gives them relief from pain of breakup. This is just going to delay your steps towards a relationship recovery if that’s the path you’re heading down. And not to mention the physical and mental damage excessive drinking does to your body. If you are making this mistake then you need to stop immediately.

Question 9: Are you active?

Ask yourself are you active in your daily life? Are you active to start taking action? It is very important to get active to help improve both your physical and mental state and improve the success chances of your plan to get your ex back. This is very important aspect of your life and should be kept up regardless of your relationship status.


Get your Ex to like you again:

These are 9 deadly seriously how to get your ex back questions that most people fail to consider seriously. If you’re really ready to take the steps towards a full relationship recovery, you need to ask these questions of yourself to be absolutely certain. Once you’ve decided, you can begin to move towards a full fixed relationship with your ex.

That’s all for now, but follow this blog regularly, I’ll be updating with even more tips and tricks to help improve your relationships (or lack of) for both sexes.


Remember, you are not alone in wanting to get your ex back. Breakups happens in every relationship, and not all of them are mutual. Some get their partners back and some do not. The main difference between the successes and failures is strategy that they follow.