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Who Else Wants To Get Out Of The Friend Zone?

How to Identify and Escape the Dreaded Friend Zone

Screw The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone is a dreaded area for an individual to be in. It’s when you have feelings for someone, and for whatever reason they like you enough to be really close to you. Enough to share personal stories and advice with you, to spend copious amounts of time with you, and to build a deep emotional connection with you. But for whatever reason, they refuse to pull the trigger on forming a relationship with you. In some cases, you even have to deal with them dating other people, then kindly informing you about it. The effect this can have on your confidence is massive.

You begin to wonder why you’re not good enough.

You might compare yourself to their preferred object of desire.

It can lead to resentment- of yourself or of them.

So this is our definitive guide to the friend zone: The definition of friend zone, a quiz/test you can take to answer the question “am I in the friend zone”, and a how-to guide on how to escape it.

Friend Zone Quiz: Are you in it?

1. Do you have feelings for your friend?

2. Does he or she know about it?

3. If yes, did you get a “let’s just be friends”, or did they not even directly acknowledge the admission?

3. If no, are you for some reason afraid to share your feelings with them despite your apparent closeness?

4. Does the person have a significant other? Or a crush on somebody else (if you’re not sure, assume a person that they talk about a suspicious amount is their object of desire).

If you said yes to at least two of these, you are definitely in the friend zone. But don’t worry, the first step is realizing it.

How to Avoid the Friend Zone

Before we explain exactly how one can break out of the friend zone, it’s important that you learn how you got into this situation in the first place. If we tell you how to escape and you learn nothing from it, you might just end up right back where you started a few months down the road with another person. This will help you learn from your mistakes:


How Guys Avoid The Friend Zone:

Be Direct. The person you’re interested in should be aware that you are not asexual from the get-go, or as soon as possible. Note, this does not mean hitting her with bad pick up lines and awkward flirting. This means just make it known, as subtly as possible, that you have a sex drive and are not afraid to use it. This can be accomplished by the occasional compliment to her or to passerby’s “hey, that girl was kind of cute”. Don’t refrain from making moves on her and only making moves on other girls. Flirt with both.

Be Desired. This one is harder to make real, but easy to fake. Nobody wants a person that has no other options. If someone starts flirting with you in front of your crush, entertain it for a bit. Don’t overshoot and flat out try to make your crush jealous, just flirt back with the person and play along with them. Banter with them a bit. Banter is sexy, and there’s no point in letting your social skills go to waste by putting your eggs all in one basket.

Be Skilled. I’m not just talking about in the bedroom, I also mean at doing something. Have a passion outside of seducing your object of desire. Do good in school, be a good skateboarder, follow your hobby of photography, almost anything works (not video games unless she’s a gamer girl).

Be Healthy. There’s no reason to not work out in this day and age, diabetes and heart disease and running rampant, everyone on Instagram is stressing about missing leg days, and you’re avoiding the gym because…what? Girls like guys who are fit, guys like guys who are fit, get fit. It will help with your physical attractiveness, and even once again help improve your bedroom skills (after all, this is where you’re trying to end up with your crush. Worst thing you can do is have a disappointing case of ED because you’re blood flow is impeded by McDonald’s).

Be Scarce. Don’t allow your object to spend time talking to you about the other people that they are attracted to in their life. If they bring that sort of stuff up, give it a fleeting comment and then change subject. Indulging in it any longer puts you at risk of sliding down the slippery slope of becoming an emotional pillow, AKA being friend zoned.

Be Stylish.  Wear clothes that fit, and get them tailored if you can afford them. Have at least one suit that you can wear when occasion permits (chick dig suits). If you have muscles, don’t be afraid to wear clothing that slightly shows them off every now and then. Not all the time though.


How Girls Avoid The Friend Zone:

Be Stylish. Yup, it makes both lists. I don’t mean stay caught up on the latest designs the Kardashians are rocking. I mean wear clothing that fits you and is flattering to the body you were blessed with.

Be Healthy. Everyone has their own personal opinion on what a healthy weight is, and frankly there’s more than enough proof that there’s a guy for every body type. But whatever shape you’re in now, if you have room to improve and know exactly what steps you can take to do it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking the steps. There are guys for every body type, but aim for the body type that the guys YOU like are going for.

Be Confident. Most people aren’t outwardly admitting attraction for girls who are overconfident, but they get more love than girls who are entirely too timid and quiet. It’s easy to end up in the friend zone as a girl if a guy perceives that you are too timid to even enjoy sex, or that you don’t like him at all because you’re too shy with him. Find a good balance of confidence, just enough to enjoy being who you are naturally, and then get some confidence in your bedroom performance.

Be Intelligent. Men are stupid. There’s a chance you might think you’re in the friend zone with a guy because he’s not making moves, and he’s thinking the exact same and too afraid to. Try and set up an isolated situation where it is just the two of you alone. This should give him a chance to make a move. If he doesn’t go for the subtle signs, chances are he’s not worth your time anyway.


Escaping The Friend Zone

Now you know how to not be friend zoned ever again. Time to see if you can escape the friend zone with your current crush, or if it’s time to cut your losses.

Warning: Some of your relationships may not survive this escape attempt. But you will be infinitely better off.

This will work for guys and girls.

Step 1. Verify you are in the friend zone.

This is accomplished by asking out your object of desire. Shoot for a specifically one-on-one type date, preferably one you haven’t already been on and experienced in a platonic fashion, and also preferably one that has sexual connotations. Netflix at your house, for example. If they agree, you might be on your way to a good end, unless they flake or are oblivious to your intentions. If they decline but give a good reason or reschedule, set up another date a week later. If they decline and give no good reason, you are in the friend zone for sure. Skip down to step 4.

Step 2. Prepare For The Date

 Once the date is set up, make sure you are looking at your best. You’re trying to lock down your crush here. Don’t show up to a Netflix date at her dorm wearing a suit obviously, just be do little things like having your clothes ironed and being well-groomed. And I mean well-groomed ALL OVER if you catch my drift. Pubes.

Step 3. The Date

On the date, make your move. Nothing cheesy, no yawn accompanied by putting your arm around them. Girls, you can take this time muster up the confidence, then try and tell your crush how you’ve felt about them for a while, then follow it up with a kiss and gauge their reaction. Guys, at this point you’ve likely been leaning towards inaction too much for words to be effective, it’s best to go in for the kiss after you test for her reaction to kino, flirting, and escalation.

Step 4. Resolution

Congratulations. It’s over. At this point, either you’ve developed something more with your crush and have successfully broken out of the friend zone, or you haven’t, but now have the closure of knowing with 100% certainty that your crush does not like you like you like them. No one can control their own friends. The best thing you can do now is go No Contact.

Step 5. No Contact

The harsh truth is that for whatever reason, your crush doesn’t think you’re good enough for them to date you. Regardless of how good of a person they are, this is about as personal as personal gets. So, you take the time to stop talking to them (and I mean straight stop talking to them, don’t announce to them exactly why, just sort of go off radar) and focus on improving yourself. Those steps I listed to avoid the friend zone above? Take time to develop yourself until that list is what you are doing/who you are naturally. After a few weeks, your crush is likely going to try and rekindle the friendship. If you can personally assess yourself and think you’re ready, accept their offer for a meetup, and go in with a new mentality.

This time, it’s going to be now or never. You or nothing. You’ll take nothing less than the relationship you know you deserve with them, and if they are not willing to give you that you will be willing to move on and find someone who will.

Getting over someone won’t be easy, but you’ll need to have a mindset that you’re resigned to taking the steps necessary if you have to. It’ll enable you to go full on in your final effort to form a relationship with your crush.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how you break out of the friend zone.




How To Reverse ED Using Natural Cures

how to beat ed

The Best Methods To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a plague on men around the world. And there are a LOT of methods that exist that people can try to cure it. Common methods for curing ed include kegels, reverse kegels, male enhancement pills, following guides, and even buying various technologies and products. We’re going to guide you through the best options and provide a review for how effective they all are, so you can make an informed choice on how you will deal with your male dysfunction. After reading this, you will know exactly which treatment you want to use to deal with your impotency.


Top 4 Natural Treatments for ED

This section is for natural remedies of Erectile Dysfunction, that are likely to provide you with long lasting results but will require time and patience. Most people are going to be in more time-sensitive situations than these will allow.


1. Diet

This is actually one of the main points that the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol focuses on. Your eating pattern and diet can cause blood flow in your arteries to be restricted, which would impact blood flow to and inside of your penis. A quick fix is to change around your diet by adding more veggies and fruit and less carbohydrates. Men who indulge in a mediterranean diet are noted to have significantly less reported cases of ED occuring in their lifespan. This diet essentially places heavy emphasis on fruits and veggies, WHOLE grains, and heart-healthy fats like olive oil and nuts, as opposed to steaks and hamburgers (some red meat can and should be enjoyed, but not too much).


Note: Alcohol – moderate it. Heavy drinking has been linked tos ignificant liver and nerve damage, and alcohol of any amount does have an impact on your hormone levels. Alcohol is known to be high in estrogen and can lower your testosterone, so unless you have testosterone to spare you’ll want to make sure you leave the drinking for once-in-a-while fun occasions. Over consumption of alcohol and ed go hand-in-hand.

And as we all know, Diet tends to go hand in hand with…

2. Exercise

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through exercise will allow you to avoid nerve damage related with being overweight, as well as help reduce the chance that you develop type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes itself is also linked to erectile dysfunction in men, and can lead to diabetic neuropathy which can affect nerves in the penis. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are similarly damaging, with their being a high probability any of these will impact your blood vessels that are supplying blood to your penis. To avoid many diseases that can cause or worsen ED, as well as bring other health issues with them, developing a decent exercise program will be critical.

Do not get caught up in the overthinking that often comes with this phase. A “good” workout routine is any routine that you can stick with. Find one that meshes with you and utilize it. Your increased heart rate as a result of regular exercise will also help to improve your symptoms of ED, as blood flow to the penis will be increased leading you to stronger erections.

3. Eliminate Stress

This step is going to be easier for some than others, but stress does have a serious impact on your health overall and your hormone levels and blood vessels directly. Stress lowers testosterone, and causes your blood vessels to contract which can damage them. Whatever you have to do to help yourself be less stressed, do it if it isn’t too unproductive. Consider beginning yoga or meditation, or if you can moderate yourself play video games to blow off some steam every now and then.

4. Stop Smoking

If you’re a smoker, you should know that cigarettes are infamous for their damage to blood vessels. They will have the effect of curtailing blood flow to your penis, and the nicotine itself forces blood vessels to contract which will also impact blood flow. Quitting smoking is a different beast on it’s own, but you should start looking into guides to stop smoking if you’re serious about curing ED naturally.


The ED Freedom

The ED Freedom is one of the top treatments for ED, and has been critically acclaimed since its release. We’ve even reviewed it on our site before to check it out, and it does indeed have serious merit. It focuses on guiding men towards fixing their ED through primarily diet and exercise based methods, which, as listed above, fall under the “all natural treatment” category. This means that they’ll inherently be longer lasting than many temporary treatments, pills, or injections one might invest in.


Kegel Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

Kegels have been well documented (scientifically as well as through anecdotes) to have a strong impact on certain instances of ED. Particularly younger men, from teens to early twenties, have been noted to see significant reduction in their symptoms of ED after starting routine kegel exercises. The results are usually able to be measured after just a few weeks of good workouts, and they also have the added bonus of improving your sex life overall with your new found ability to delay ejaculation as well as having stronger erections. However, they are not a panacea for erectile dysfunction. Kegels are best utilized by combing them with some of the other best ed treatments included on this page to see the best results when trying to improve your sex life.


Can ED be cured with Male Enhancement Pills?

There is some evidence that they are effective, but we advise that you proceed with caution. Normally we would provide a list of the best ed pills, but overall the pills have too much risk involved with them to be worth the reward. Consider these as a last resort, and focus on all of the other methods we’ve provided before you tackle these. Overall, I think you’ll be happy you did in the end.



First off, don’t think this is a static list. As we continue to look for more method to solve this growing problem, we’ll add more methods and guides to help people figure out which ed treatments to put their stock in. For now, this list is more than enough for one to get started on fixing their erectile dysfunction immediately. Just make sure that you give the natural methods a good chance before you turn to relying on ed pills or other various devices.


Get Rid of Symptoms of ED Once and For All: Erectile Dysfunction Protocol


ED freedom

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction? Follow this Protocol to Eliminate it.


Erectile Dysfunction is no joke. Millions of men around the globe are constantly doing all that they can to ensure they do not develop symptoms of ED. Those who do quickly seek out natural remedies to cure them, such as kegels and reverse kegels. But this alone is not always enough to solve trouble in the bedroom. Truth be told, ED occurs in many different forms, and can be a warning of serious health issues, or a cause of serious embarrassment. So when a program like the ED Freedom is released, claiming itself to be the Hail Mary of all natural erectile dysfunction cures, it gets a lot of attraction and a lot of skepticism.

We’re going to see just how effective this protocol really is in this ED Freedom review.


What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Freedom?

Created by a man known as Bill Crane (I swear that name is real as far as we can tell). He is a 57 year old from Long-Beach California, and a well-known Sex researcher and Health Practitioner. Long suffered from Erectile Dysfunction himself before he decided to start looking into natural ways to combat it. He compiled information that he gathered from personal testimonies, forums like, and even other colleagues and medical journals. When he realized that the most common cause attributed to ED, low testosterone, occurred in less than 10 percent of cases, he came to the conclusion that the way to develop a better cure was to locate the real leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men.

ED Freedom is the resulting compilation of that information Long gathered. In fact, the entire book is focused on how naturally cure ed. Long targets the blood vessels in the adult male’s body, seeking to alleviate tension in these vessels that makes it tough for blood to flow naturally. By facilitating greater blood flow in your body, you’ll see an increase in your erection quality. The book uses a combination of nutrients, proteins, amino acids, and enzymes that have to be included in your diet to improve your blood flow. There are also various exercises to fight erectile dysfunction included in the book, and naturally it wouldn’t be a book on ED if kegels didn’t get mentioned a few times.

Is ED Freedom for Me?

If you suffer from symptoms of ED (trouble getting or keeping an erection, or trouble with a lack of sex drive) then yes, you want to try out the protocol. Other situations where someone might want to invest in the book:

  • Seeking to Improve Your Sex Life
  • Looking For Natural Foods That Will Strengthen Your Erections
  • Wanting To End Sporadic Erection Quality


If you’re on the fence about trying Erectile Dysfunction Freedom, I would suggest you look into other alternatives that are designed to strengthen your erections.

  • Kegels
  • Reverse Kegels
  • Viagra
  • Ginseng
  • L-Arginine
  • Yohimbine


These are all known to help with erection quality, but everything has its pros and cons. With kegels and reverse kegels, you have to take the time to do them everyday consistently to se good results. With Viagra, you have to first locate a source, and I have yet to see proof that the benefits of it last long enough to warrant investing in it. Meaning you’ll have to depend on it every time. Then, there are proven side effects to these drugs, particularly on the heart. Is it worth the risk?  Things like Ginseng, L-Arginine, and Yohimbine are fine, but they are also actually already reviewed in the protocol and part of the regime. So if you’re fine with trying those, you might as well go the full yard and see what other options are available.

ED Freedom Book Breakdown

Here are the book’s key features you can expect to gain access to once you purchase it:

  • The diet and a detailed list containing all the enzymes, nutrients, and other organic chemicals you can utilize to beat ED.
  • Common foods and supplements containing these nutrients, and how you can best combine them to get quick results you can be proud of.
  •  A guide on how to scale the program – there are various levels of ED that men suffer and you may not need to go full throttle on the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol to see good results. This guide will help you tone down or tone up certain elements, which in turn will make it easier for some people and harder for others, depending on what you need.


Other Reviews

Here are what other people are saying about the ED protocol.





Best Way to Purchase

The ED Freedom is best purchased straight from the website, to avoid being scammed or given some sort of off-brand copy:

download button

Since you’re purchasing through ClickBank, you’re automatically guaranteed your money back if you request a refund within 60 days. That means you’ll have plenty of time to see if this book will really improve your erections or not.


  • This book will teach you about ways you can augment your diet with foods, vitamins, and nutrients that will work to naturally cure ed, as well as improve your sexual prowess. And some of the diet is delicious, while the supplements have no taste. It’s almost no added work.
  • Making a dietary change as a natural cure for ed is a pretty simple trade off and has almost no risks like male enhancement often does.
  • Reviews on this program are plentiful, and people have been giving it critical acclaim because of its alternative approach to erectile dysfunction.
  • It’s hard to ignore a 2 month trial period where you can get a refund at any time.


  • Even though Crane advertises that you will see results as soon as 24 to 48 hours, these immediate results are only going to last as long as you stick with the program for a bit. I’d expect a few weeks minimum or adapting to your new diet.
  • There is no indicator of how long you have to keep up your diet before you’ll see long lasting or permanent results. Do you have to change your diet forever? How long is OK to go without taking in the nutrients? There is a distinct lack of information there.

    Conclusion & Overall Rating: 95/100  A+

    ED Freedom lays out exactly what you need to do to get rid of ED once and for all, and has some pretty powerful methods and ideas that are simple, yet unique. If you’re seeking a natural cure for your erectile dysfunction, and want to avoid the more common ones like male enhancement or kegels, I would suggest trying this out. Being able to improve your sex life through diet alone is a pretty sweet deal.

How to Dump Your Boyfriend In A Nice Way

how to dump him nicely


How To Dump Him

So, you’re here. You looked at your relationship and decided things just weren’t working out. You tried to improve yourself, you even picked up a book that greatly increased your abilities in the bedroom. But the relationship is still not delivering everything you want it to, or you just realized that he’s giving you negative signs, so it’s time to call it quits. That’s fine. But you want to make sure it ends nicely, so that there’s potential for you and your boyfriend to still be friends after the breakup.

Here’s how you can try and reach that goal.

1. Decide If This Is Right For You

Are you sure you want to break it off with your boyfriend? And do you know exactly why? It’s important you solidify why exactly this needs to happen for you to improve your own quality of life.

2. Pick a Time and a Place

Don’t dump him out in public when you’re all with friends, if you do it privately don’t do it in a setting where he has all the power (like his house) in case things get unexpectedly violent. Meet at a neutral place or a setting you control, and make sure you don’t do it while someone is driving. The emotions will be running high and might make the driving dangerous for both of you.

3. Meet Face-to-Face

Do not break up with him over text. How would you feel if you thought things between you and a guy were going great, and then he sends you a text out of the blue ending things? It’s disrespectful to the relationship and will make him think he never really mattered in the first place. He deserves face-to-face contact.

4. Tell Him Why

Men like straight forwardness. Don’t leave any doubts in his mind why this is happening, and be truthful. This is why step 1 is so important, you need to be sure of why this is happening and be able to convince him with equal certainty.

5. Take Some Blame

Even if it was mostly his fault, leverage some of the blame onto yourself so that it doesn’t just result in an argument. You have to handle this delicately or this will be a messy break up that could get both of your friends and family involved.

6. Be Strong

Be prepared to break off all contact with him if you have to, but leave the door open for you two to both be friends if he’s willing to take it. Don’t offer him friendship instead immediately, he’ll take offense. Let him come back to you later on.

These methods will allow you to break up amicably, and leaves potential for you two to even get back together if you decide to.


10 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend ASAP

couple about to break up

Dump Your Boyfriend

This list might show you some things that will be hard to look at ladies, but if you recognize too many of the signs then you’re going to want to end things as soon as possible. It’s possible you can dump him in a nice way if you choose to, or go for the mean route, but do it.

1. You’re His – At His Own Convenience

Meaning that he only throws out the word “girlfriend” when you two are alone, or even worse, when he needs something. When you’re out in public or around friends you’re just your name, nothing else. Not even a cute pet name. Even worse when you guys have made your relationship official (in person and on Facebook). Why be with someone who isn’t comfortable being with you?

2. The Sex Is Bad

The sex needs to be seriously bad though, don’t just bail the first time he doesn’t deliver what was written on the contract. Also, make sure it isn’t you who needs to improve your bedroom skills. Ignore this if you guys are a pretty new couple, it does take a few times to get the right chemistry going. Many people don’t climax the first few times as they are still working on getting comfortable with their new partners. Give this one an honest shot.

3. None of Your friends or Family Approve of The Relationship

This one is also tricky, you have to make sure that your friends aren’t being jealous and that your family knows him pretty well. After all, none of these people (should) know him as well as you do. But these people, especially if you’ve known them longer, tend to have your best interests at heart. If they are trying to get you to stop dating a guy, you should heed them with a grain of salt and look at your relationship from their perspective.

4. One or Both of You Are Paranoid About The Other

If you find yourself constantly worrying about who he is with, or he is constantly trying to check your phone or Facebook messages, the relationship is going nowhere fast. Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and this relationship doesn’t have that.

5. You Both Fight. A Lot.

If you two are constantly getting into arguments, its likely there’s cause for alarm. Especially if neither side wants to give up, leaving to long periods of yelling and even longer periods of silent treatment. And god forbid if the fights get physically. Then it’s really time to GO.

6. He Lies

If you’re with a guy who is O.K. with telling you a white lie every now and then, he’ll have no problem telling you bigger ones in the future. If “going to the gym” ends up being “out with friends”, then you should know that “out with friends” almost always means “looking for girls”. Cut liars off.

7. He’s a Deadbeat

A drug dealer, drug addict, lazy, or just a guy who likes to use you for your money and never remembers to pay you back. This is the type of guy who is going nowhere fast, and is more than happy to keep you back with him. Cut off the dead weight.

8. He Talks Bad About You Or Your Friends

This is a big one. He doesn’t have to like your friends. But talking shit about them behind their backs, or even to their faces, is unacceptable behavior. At the very least he should respect you enough to fake it for the short periods of time he is around them. And if he talks bad about you, that means he completely lacks respect for you. Big sign that you should dump him.

9. You Have Different Goals

He wants to go to Emory and study medicine. You want to go to Harvard and study Law. Good goals for both of you, but they are complete opposites. Break up, and maybe down the line consider getting back together.

10. You Have Different Ideas Of Commitment

Maybe you think he should have his phone on at all times and let you know where he is. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe you want short term and he wants long term. If you two have opposing views on the idea of commitment, you just simply are not going to gel together. Call it off.


Runners Up That Warrant Dumping Your Boyfriend

The obvious ones, if he cheats or if you just don’t love your boyfriend, there’s no point in continuing the relationships. Break up.


Now, what do you think? Is it time for your relationship to end?

25 Of The Best Cute Pet Names For Your Boyfriend

cute pet names for couples

Coming up with Boyfriend Pet Names can be tough.

But don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered.


Here is a list of some of the most popular pet names for boyfriend that a girl could ask for. Make sure you pay attention to how you deliver the lines, and take special care to note that this isn’t a one size fits all list. Some names are geared towards certain types of guys, and there is power in your words so make sure you pay attention.


Cute Boyfriend Pet Names

1. Snookums

An instant classic. This is a good to bust out whenyou’re trying to look cute, out in public, or otherwise just want to show him you care. Make sure you curl up your upper lip a bit to get that cute “schn” sound that will melt his heart.

2. Honey Buns

This is a good one too. Add an ass slap to change the context and potentially get the mood going, or leave it hanging in the air as a general “aw, you’re cute” to your guy.

3. Sweetie

Another classic. Actually, almost too classic. Use this one in text mainly, but don’t use it in person because it gets old fast. Especially if he’s already used to hearing it from exes, his mom, his aunts etc.

4. Sugar Daddy

Even though our day and age has begun to change the meaning of this word, you can easily spin the word to your advantage. You’d be surprised how many guys enjoy the idea of being a girl’s “daddy”, something about the patriarchal elements really gets them going.

5. Any variation of Muffin

“Love Muffin” “Sugar Muffin” “Stud Muffin” All Instant Winners! Plus, who doesn’t like muffins. If your boyfriend doesn’t, consider breaking up. If your ex didn’t, maybe he should stay your ex.

6. Sexy

This one is obvious, simple, and effective. Do this when you’re alone, with a whisper into his ear.

7. Good Lookin’

This is a good one to use when out in public. Bonus points if you use it while he’s around friends that he may or may not be insecure about. Gets him bro points and gets you girlfriend points.

8. Darlin’

You know we had to include this one in our list of boyfriend pet names. For added effect, say it with some southern twang.

9. Hunk of Man Meat

This one is more uncommon, hence why we included it. Say it aloud. It’s powerful, complimentary, and unique. Use it.

10. Charming

Save this for when he’s out-of-the-ordinary; wearing a tuxedo or suit, being more nice than normal etc-era.

11. Chief

Do this one almost sarcastically while following his orders, and follow it with a salute. Or do it when he’s being really powerful and commanding and you want more.

12. Dirty Boy

This one absolutely has to be followed with an ass grab or it falls flat on its face. Bonus points for doing it slyly while out with a group of friends.

13. Gorgeous

Follow this one up with a big eyed look of admiration, like you just can’t stomach how attractive he is. His ego will be sky high.

14. Goofy

Use this one when he’s got the room electrified with his jokes.

15. Gum Drop

This is another cute one to use casually.

16. Handsome

Interchangeable with Gorgeous or Charming.

17. Hot Lips

Save this one in the chamber and bust it out in completely random moments. He’ll be so caught off guard by the cuteness he won’t know what ot say.

18. Hubby

Reserve for your husband or situations where there is no chance of him misinterpreting the meaning behind this.

19. Sugah Boogah

Say this one fast. SugahBoogah. The words have to follow each other quickly.

20. Tiger

Look into Mary-Jane from spider man.

21. Lion

Use this for guys that are a bit bigger or more masculine.

22. Bear (oh my!)

Use this for this huge guys with some hair on their body.

23. Toots

Say this one as though you’re in complete control and whatever he’s doing is just down right adorable.

24. Yummy Bear

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll understand that this one can be used for cuteness or sexiness, depending on how you want to play it.

25. My King

Save this one for moments when he’s doing something extremely right and likely won’t realize it unless you draw some attention to it. This is the killer.


With this list you’ll no longer need to search for “pet names for boyfriend”, this should have you completely covered with powerful words you can use for their cuteness.