Best 7 Penis Extending Devices

Top Penis Extenders – Do These 7 Devices Really Work?

This review is based on real information gathered from series of researches. I would advise that you don’t buy any product unless you read this review. The information covered here are all quality details and spreads into various sections – tricks, the Pros and the Cons as well.

Penis extenders are not new to us. They have been in existence for years now and are one of the prominent of the several different types of male enlargement practices and products available. Penis extenders stretch and elongate the phallus using traction. This process increases the penis’ length and girth slowly but continuously.

The penis extenders don’t enjoy a monopoly, so there are quite a lot of the products to choose from; however, not all of them are worth it. If you plan on seeing results, it is recommended to get yourself a highly rated product; as such you won’t be wasting your hard earned money on a worthless piece of crap.

These review covers 7 of the best brands, rated based on price and customer experience. To each his own right? So go through them and choose any of the extenders that you feel would be your perfect tool.

2016 Top 7 Penis Extenders for Gaining Extra Size

Starting from the best of the bunch…

  1. SizeGenetics

The SizeGenetics (SG) is a notable brand widely respected for being one of the best in the penis extension business. The company also boasts that its before and after pictures are all real not like other coy who manipulate picture to fix on their website.

The SizeGenetics main focus is on comfort which is what makes it the best choice. The system comes with two different head pieces which allows up to 58 ways to comfortably wear it. Asides that, SizeGenetics is the most endorsed brand by doctors and penis enlargement surgeons in the world over. It also has an ‘authentic’ medical device certificate.

 Important Note: This product is one of the oldest products in the market; SizeGenetics has been around since the 1990s so you can be sure you are going for a great product. To cap it off, there’s a money back guarantee type system put in place if you are not satisfied. Interestingly, before and after pictures are mostly of real users who send in their REAL results to motivate others.

On the flip side, SizeGenetics is a lot more expensive than other extenders on the list. There’s also the issue of wearing an extender for at least 4 hours every day for a minimum of two months if you want to see results.

  1. Male Edge

Male Edge (ME) is yet another extender that is well known and has over 500,000 users across the globe. It’s convenient design which is also lightweight has an attractive feel, and so far, it’s been fulfilling its promises of increase in size of the penile erections.

There’s a ruler to measure progress so far, and included is access to a specially created forum for users from across the globe.

The Male Edge comes in three packages:

  1. Basic ($149.99)
  2. Extra ($174.99)
  3. Pro ($199.99)

Pay attention: The manufacturers assures of a 28% size increase after using for 26 weeks. As an attractive perk, you are covered by a ‘double money back guarantee’, so there’s really nothing to fear.

On the flip side, it takes ample time to start seeing results.

  1. Jes Extender

With this extender, you can see up to a 28% increase in the size and girth of your manhood after about 26 weeks. It is also one of the first and original male penile enlargement systems created. The system is safe, also documented, and offers permanent growth over a stretch in time.

The Jes Extender has 6 packages you can choose from including:

  1. Light standard ($209.99)
  2. Original standard comfort ($229.99)
  3. Titanium ($249.99)
  4. Silver standard ($299.99)
  5. Gold standard ($349.99)
  6. Platinum ($1,000.00)

Pay attention: One of the earliest male enhancement stretchers in the market. The Jes extender has been around since 1994.

The Jes Extender is probably the most expensive extender on the list with the platinum option costing a rather enormous $1000. It also requires serious commitment if you want to see permanent results.

  1. Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte (PF) was designed to not only help you increase your size by a few inches, but to also treat erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease as well. The PF extender is an old boy on the block with over 14 years in existence; it has made a name for itself. The PF extender is not only comfortable but also painless.

The PF extender is a medical grade system which you can wear under your clothes without anybody noticing. It can stay in that position for 8 to 12 hours without causing you discomfort. You should start seeing results in a month if used properly.

Quick Note: The Phallosan Forte isn’t like other systems that offer options; it has just one system and costs about $339.00. The system uses a belt system and vacuum protector technology to enlarge and straighten your phallus quickly.

  1. Vimax System

The Vimax system is a more complex method of growing your penis size.  The system includes a device, some pills, and patches put in place to tackle both the physical and the nutritional sessions of adding a few inches.

With the system, there’s a likelihood of seeing an increment in both length and girth in 3 months – up to 3 inches!

The Vimax system is easy to use and comfortable also. It’s main aim is to improve the quality, and quantity of your erections as well as orgasm. The price of this extender is put at $99.95 only.

Important Note: There’s room for purchase customization with this extender. You are not restricted to the number of Vimax pills and Liquid RX you can order. There’s also the added bonus of access to exercises which would help you speed up your shaft gain.

On the flip side, you are required to use capsules which you probably won’t be too comfortable taking. You are also mandated to use the Vimax device frequently if you want to see results.

  1. Quick Extender

The Quick Extender is another extender with an impressive claim. The company promises that you should see up to 32% increment in size in just 6 months! The company is a reputable brand, and uses medical grade materials for its extenders.

The extender is easy to use and lightweight. It has also been rated as the best extender (by the DSS System) if you are looking for a performing, yet comfortable system. It also comes in three different packages;

  • Value package ($119.93)
  • Deluxe standard ($179.93)
  • Deluxe limited ($349.93)

Keep in mind: While the Deluxe limited package is ultra expensive of the trio, it is also the most complex system guaranteed to boost your size. It also comes with a very attractive money back guarantee to free your mind.

The system needs to be worn for a stretch of at least 2 hours, it also uses 2 straps, thus hiking the replacement costs. The tension springs used may vary among models.

  1. Euro Extender

The last on the list is the Euro extender. This extender is pretty easy to use, comes as a bundle of pills, device, and exercise instructions all aimed to help you a get bigger manhood – permanently. The product is comfortable and after successful use, you should notice;

  • You have stronger penile erections
  • An increase in both length and girth of your shaft.

The Euro Extender allows you two purchase options; you could buy the gadgets alone or the whole penis enlargement system. The gadget costs $99.95 alone, while the entire system is valued at $199.5

Note: The penis enlargement exercises included and the Sinrex 2-in-1 pills round up this extender to make it worthwhile by increasing your stamina as well as boosting your penile size.

On the flip side, there are a few users who have tested and complained that the Euro Extender just adds an inch to their shaft size. This is worrisome as the company actually promised 2 to 3 inches increment.

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