Best 5 Male Enhancement Pills Available

Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills on the Market

This review is based on real information gathered from series of researches. I would advise that you don’t buy any product unless you read this review. The information covered here are all quality details and spreads into various aspects – ingredients, side effects and tricks.

Still not certain if you can satisfy your partner sexually, probably because of the general notion that most men have. The general belief that if they have slightly bigger dicks, say 1 or 2 inches more than their current size, then they would have the perfect sexual relationship with their women and ladies.

While this is probably true, you would require some help to achieve your dreams. One of such methods is the use of enhancement pills which would get your dreams of having a lengthier and better sized penis to satisfy your partner a reality.

Not to worry, this list of the top 5 male enhancement pills available should be of help.


List of Best Pills on the Market

  1. Vimax

On the number 5 spot is Vimax. This company is a highly reputable coy and is pretty popular majorly because their product is of great benefit for created course, i.e. it helps increase the libido, enhances sexual stamina, and ultimately helps you have greater pleasure by giving you stronger erections.

The Vimax pill is made using healthy ingredients like Vitamin-E, ginseng, Ginkgo, cayenne pepper, biloba, saw palmetto and a host of others. The Vimax pills interestingly have fewer substances like the other options do.

If you over-use the pills, you would notice several mild side-effects like being nauseous, sleeping a lot and digestion issues!

Important Note: The Vimax pill price is pegged at $59.95 for a month’s supply (the price puts each pill cost at roughly $2) but you get a money back guarantee of 60 days if you are not satisfied.

On a final note, the Vimax pill is a trusted enhancement pill, used by millions of users who have so far praised the products’ capabilities.

  1. ProSolution

Prosolution is another on the list of the best enhancement pills. The pill gives users sexual stimulation, stiffer erections and generally, a more pleasurable sexual experience. It is quite similar to ExtenZe and even has the same pricing.  Unlike the ExtenZe, the Prosolution pills need to be taken 2 each day against 1 each day of the ExtenZe.

The ProSolution pill is made using about 12 powerful ingredients like momordica, solidilin, Korean ginseng, zinc, reishi mushroom, arjuna, and various others. The ingredients found in the ProSolution pills are also seen in all of the best enhancement pills, so not to worry.

Important Note: So far, there are no feedbacks and/or reviews from users citing the cons of ProSolution. That is actually a great fit for the company. The pricing of the pill is $59.95 for 1 month supply. There are also various order options similar to other enhancement pills mentioned.

I dare say Prosolution is the best choice for anybody who wants to pleasure his partner. This libido boosting pill should get the job done fervently. There’s a 67-day money back guarantee just in case, but for what it’s worth, a product which has been in the market for well over 10 years won’t offer what it can’t fulfill.

  1. ExtenZe

This pill brand entered into the its popular status because of the huge endorsements it had from celebrities. The brand was even recommended by Ron Jeremy, the famous adult movies star. The pills on their path are made for improved libido, a stronger, long lasting erection and a btter libido.  Extenze pills promises to get you in the perfect shape to satisfy your partner.

This enhancement pill is made using some 23 very potent and powerful ingredients to guarantee the best results. Ingredients like black pepper, ginger, zinc, Yohimbe extract, folate, piper longum, damiana, xanthroparmelia scarbrosa, and a lot other materials which are also seen in other enhancement pills like the VigRX and Male Extra.

While there is a reduced risk of effects due to the all natural ingredients, a few users have complained about cold sweats and nasal draining after usage.

Important Note: The ExtenZe enhancement pill cost $59.95 for a month supply which makes it one of the cheapest of the listed options, but it would also mean you pay almost $2 per pill. On the flip side, you get a 60-day money back guarantee in case you don’t like the purchase. There are also various larger packages which come with some slightly reduced prices and a few free items thrown in.

Extenze is a great enhancement pill if you desire a better libido, higher orgasm, however if a permanent increase in your penile size is what you are after, you might choose to look elsewhere.

  1. VigRX Plus

The VigRX Plus is a really popular option, thanks to its marketing efforts, a lot of people would probably have seen an ad on TV or a magazine. The VigRX plus was made to aid you in your quest for a longer lasting sexual experience. The company promises you should get a 71% increment in erection size. It also promises a longer-lasting erection.

The VigRX Plus is made using some really potent ingredients like Asian red ginseng, Epimedium leaf extract, Damiana, Ginkgo leaf, Catuaba bark extract, Muira pauma bark extract, and Saw palmetto berry.

Users of the VigRX plus as well as clinical trials have reported series of benefits like an improved libido, heightened erections, and even better orgasms which ultimately results in a better sexual experience. It is however worthy of note that the substances used could result in having mild side-effects like headaches, insomnia, tiredness, and rashes.

Let’s clear the air a bit. Users noticed an increase in erection firmness, but none of the users confirmed the erection growth was permanent.

Important Note: The VigRX Plus has a price of $76.99 which equates to about $1.28 for each pill. You are backed by a 67-day money back guarantee on each purchase. There’s also the option of buying more than a months’ supply of the pill, which would see the pricing drop significantly. Some added perks would also be thrown in if you decide to order for several months’ worth of pills.

The VigRX Plus enhancement pills are best used by men with weak erection or a low libido. Though the price seems a bit steep, the pills are entirely worth it.

  1. Male Extra

Male Extra leads the pack of the best male enhancement pills on this list. It has always been widely acclaimed as a leading male enhancement pill which is also clinically tested!

The price of the pill, alongside its surefire guarantee system puts it on a tab to try if you are looking to enhance your penile system.

It’s made using a potent formula that comprises of two key ingredients, which are; Pomegranate & L-Arginine. The ingredients act as a booster or the nitric oxide level in the body, which in turn leads to more flow of blood to your ‘manhood’. The inflow of a lot of blood takes a few days to add up, and in turn makes your erections fuller and more firm.

The maker of this pill puts in a word on what to expect, saying that an average growth of between 0.8 to 2.6 inches is to be expected in about 3-6 months of using the product

Important Note: While the male extra is a great enhancement pill, it is advisable to start out your trial with a months’ supply of the pills. It cost about $64.95, i.e. slightly above $0.72 per pill – each pack contains 90 pills!

There’s also a 60-day money back guarantee on each purchase, you are covered.


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