Coming up with Boyfriend Pet Names can be tough.

But don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered.


Here is a list of some of the most popular pet names for boyfriend that a girl could ask for. Make sure you pay attention to how you deliver the lines, and take special care to note that this isn’t a one size fits all list. Some names are geared towards certain types of guys, and there is power in your words so make sure you pay attention.


Cute Boyfriend Pet Names

1. Snookums

An instant classic. This is a good to bust out whenyou’re trying to look cute, out in public, or otherwise just want to show him you care. Make sure you curl up your upper lip a bit to get that cute “schn” sound that will melt his heart.

2. Honey Buns

This is a good one too. Add an ass slap to change the context and potentially get the mood going, or leave it hanging in the air as a general “aw, you’re cute” to your guy.

3. Sweetie

Another classic. Actually, almost too classic. Use this one in text mainly, but don’t use it in person because it gets old fast. Especially if he’s already used to hearing it from exes, his mom, his aunts etc.

4. Sugar Daddy

Even though our day and age has begun to change the meaning of this word, you can easily spin the word to your advantage. You’d be surprised how many guys enjoy the idea of being a girl’s “daddy”, something about the patriarchal elements really gets them going.

5. Any variation of Muffin

“Love Muffin” “Sugar Muffin” “Stud Muffin” All Instant Winners! Plus, who doesn’t like muffins. If your boyfriend doesn’t, consider breaking up. If your ex didn’t, maybe he should stay your ex.

6. Sexy

This one is obvious, simple, and effective. Do this when you’re alone, with a whisper into his ear.

7. Good Lookin’

This is a good one to use when out in public. Bonus points if you use it while he’s around friends that he may or may not be insecure about. Gets him bro points and gets you girlfriend points.

8. Darlin’

You know we had to include this one in our list of boyfriend pet names. For added effect, say it with some southern twang.

9. Hunk of Man Meat

This one is more uncommon, hence why we included it. Say it aloud. It’s powerful, complimentary, and unique. Use it.

10. Charming

Save this for when he’s out-of-the-ordinary; wearing a tuxedo or suit, being more nice than normal etc-era.

11. Chief

Do this one almost sarcastically while following his orders, and follow it with a salute. Or do it when he’s being really powerful and commanding and you want more.

12. Dirty Boy

This one absolutely has to be followed with an ass grab or it falls flat on its face. Bonus points for doing it slyly while out with a group of friends.

13. Gorgeous

Follow this one up with a big eyed look of admiration, like you just can’t stomach how attractive he is. His ego will be sky high.

14. Goofy

Use this one when he’s got the room electrified with his jokes.

15. Gum Drop

This is another cute one to use casually.

16. Handsome

Interchangeable with Gorgeous or Charming.

17. Hot Lips

Save this one in the chamber and bust it out in completely random moments. He’ll be so caught off guard by the cuteness he won’t know what ot say.

18. Hubby

Reserve for your husband or situations where there is no chance of him misinterpreting the meaning behind this.

19. Sugah Boogah

Say this one fast. SugahBoogah. The words have to follow each other quickly.

20. Tiger

Look into Mary-Jane from spider man.

21. Lion

Use this for guys that are a bit bigger or more masculine.

22. Bear (oh my!)

Use this for this huge guys with some hair on their body.

23. Toots

Say this one as though you’re in complete control and whatever he’s doing is just down right adorable.

24. Yummy Bear

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll understand that this one can be used for cuteness or sexiness, depending on how you want to play it.

25. My King

Save this one for moments when he’s doing something extremely right and likely won’t realize it unless you draw some attention to it. This is the killer.


With this list you’ll no longer need to search for “pet names for boyfriend”, this should have you completely covered with powerful words you can use for their cuteness.


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