Dump Your Boyfriend

This list might show you some things that will be hard to look at ladies, but if you recognize too many of the signs then you’re going to want to end things as soon as possible. It’s possible you can dump him in a nice way if you choose to, or go for the mean route, but do it.

1. You’re His – At His Own Convenience

Meaning that he only throws out the word “girlfriend” when you two are alone, or even worse, when he needs something. When you’re out in public or around friends you’re just your name, nothing else. Not even a cute pet name. Even worse when you guys have made your relationship official (in person and on Facebook). Why be with someone who isn’t comfortable being with you?

2. The Sex Is Bad

The sex needs to be seriously bad though, don’t just bail the first time he doesn’t deliver what was written on the contract. Also, make sure it isn’t you who needs to improve your bedroom skills. Ignore this if you guys are a pretty new couple, it does take a few times to get the right chemistry going. Many people don’t climax the first few times as they are still working on getting comfortable with their new partners. Give this one an honest shot.

3. None of Your friends or Family Approve of The Relationship

This one is also tricky, you have to make sure that your friends aren’t being jealous and that your family knows him pretty well. After all, none of these people (should) know him as well as you do. But these people, especially if you’ve known them longer, tend to have your best interests at heart. If they are trying to get you to stop dating a guy, you should heed them with a grain of salt and look at your relationship from their perspective.

4. One or Both of You Are Paranoid About The Other

If you find yourself constantly worrying about who he is with, or he is constantly trying to check your phone or Facebook messages, the relationship is going nowhere fast. Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and this relationship doesn’t have that.

5. You Both Fight. A Lot.

If you two are constantly getting into arguments, its likely there’s cause for alarm. Especially if neither side wants to give up, leaving to long periods of yelling and even longer periods of silent treatment. And god forbid if the fights get physically. Then it’s really time to GO.

6. He Lies

If you’re with a guy who is O.K. with telling you a white lie every now and then, he’ll have no problem telling you bigger ones in the future. If “going to the gym” ends up being “out with friends”, then you should know that “out with friends” almost always means “looking for girls”. Cut liars off.

7. He’s a Deadbeat

A drug dealer, drug addict, lazy, or just a guy who likes to use you for your money and never remembers to pay you back. This is the type of guy who is going nowhere fast, and is more than happy to keep you back with him. Cut off the dead weight.

8. He Talks Bad About You Or Your Friends

This is a big one. He doesn’t have to like your friends. But talking shit about them behind their backs, or even to their faces, is unacceptable behavior. At the very least he should respect you enough to fake it for the short periods of time he is around them. And if he talks bad about you, that means he completely lacks respect for you. Big sign that you should dump him.

9. You Have Different Goals

He wants to go to Emory and study medicine. You want to go to Harvard and study Law. Good goals for both of you, but they are complete opposites. Break up, and maybe down the line consider getting back together.

10. You Have Different Ideas Of Commitment

Maybe you think he should have his phone on at all times and let you know where he is. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe you want short term and he wants long term. If you two have opposing views on the idea of commitment, you just simply are not going to gel together. Call it off.


Runners Up That Warrant Dumping Your Boyfriend

The obvious ones, if he cheats or if you just don’t love your boyfriend, there’s no point in continuing the relationships. Break up.


Now, what do you think? Is it time for your relationship to end?

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