Best 5 Male Enhancement Pills Available

Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills on the Market

This review is based on real information gathered from series of researches. I would advise that you don’t buy any product unless you read this review. The information covered here are all quality details and spreads into various aspects – ingredients, side effects and tricks.

Still not certain if you can satisfy your partner sexually, probably because of the general notion that most men have. The general belief that if they have slightly bigger dicks, say 1 or 2 inches more than their current size, then they would have the perfect sexual relationship with their women and ladies.

While this is probably true, you would require some help to achieve your dreams. One of such methods is the use of enhancement pills which would get your dreams of having a lengthier and better sized penis to satisfy your partner a reality.

Not to worry, this list of the top 5 male enhancement pills available should be of help.


List of Best Pills on the Market

  1. Vimax

On the number 5 spot is Vimax. This company is a highly reputable coy and is pretty popular majorly because their product is of great benefit for created course, i.e. it helps increase the libido, enhances sexual stamina, and ultimately helps you have greater pleasure by giving you stronger erections.

The Vimax pill is made using healthy ingredients like Vitamin-E, ginseng, Ginkgo, cayenne pepper, biloba, saw palmetto and a host of others. The Vimax pills interestingly have fewer substances like the other options do.

If you over-use the pills, you would notice several mild side-effects like being nauseous, sleeping a lot and digestion issues!

Important Note: The Vimax pill price is pegged at $59.95 for a month’s supply (the price puts each pill cost at roughly $2) but you get a money back guarantee of 60 days if you are not satisfied.

On a final note, the Vimax pill is a trusted enhancement pill, used by millions of users who have so far praised the products’ capabilities.

  1. ProSolution

Prosolution is another on the list of the best enhancement pills. The pill gives users sexual stimulation, stiffer erections and generally, a more pleasurable sexual experience. It is quite similar to ExtenZe and even has the same pricing.  Unlike the ExtenZe, the Prosolution pills need to be taken 2 each day against 1 each day of the ExtenZe.

The ProSolution pill is made using about 12 powerful ingredients like momordica, solidilin, Korean ginseng, zinc, reishi mushroom, arjuna, and various others. The ingredients found in the ProSolution pills are also seen in all of the best enhancement pills, so not to worry.

Important Note: So far, there are no feedbacks and/or reviews from users citing the cons of ProSolution. That is actually a great fit for the company. The pricing of the pill is $59.95 for 1 month supply. There are also various order options similar to other enhancement pills mentioned.

I dare say Prosolution is the best choice for anybody who wants to pleasure his partner. This libido boosting pill should get the job done fervently. There’s a 67-day money back guarantee just in case, but for what it’s worth, a product which has been in the market for well over 10 years won’t offer what it can’t fulfill.

  1. ExtenZe

This pill brand entered into the its popular status because of the huge endorsements it had from celebrities. The brand was even recommended by Ron Jeremy, the famous adult movies star. The pills on their path are made for improved libido, a stronger, long lasting erection and a btter libido.  Extenze pills promises to get you in the perfect shape to satisfy your partner.

This enhancement pill is made using some 23 very potent and powerful ingredients to guarantee the best results. Ingredients like black pepper, ginger, zinc, Yohimbe extract, folate, piper longum, damiana, xanthroparmelia scarbrosa, and a lot other materials which are also seen in other enhancement pills like the VigRX and Male Extra.

While there is a reduced risk of effects due to the all natural ingredients, a few users have complained about cold sweats and nasal draining after usage.

Important Note: The ExtenZe enhancement pill cost $59.95 for a month supply which makes it one of the cheapest of the listed options, but it would also mean you pay almost $2 per pill. On the flip side, you get a 60-day money back guarantee in case you don’t like the purchase. There are also various larger packages which come with some slightly reduced prices and a few free items thrown in.

Extenze is a great enhancement pill if you desire a better libido, higher orgasm, however if a permanent increase in your penile size is what you are after, you might choose to look elsewhere.

  1. VigRX Plus

The VigRX Plus is a really popular option, thanks to its marketing efforts, a lot of people would probably have seen an ad on TV or a magazine. The VigRX plus was made to aid you in your quest for a longer lasting sexual experience. The company promises you should get a 71% increment in erection size. It also promises a longer-lasting erection.

The VigRX Plus is made using some really potent ingredients like Asian red ginseng, Epimedium leaf extract, Damiana, Ginkgo leaf, Catuaba bark extract, Muira pauma bark extract, and Saw palmetto berry.

Users of the VigRX plus as well as clinical trials have reported series of benefits like an improved libido, heightened erections, and even better orgasms which ultimately results in a better sexual experience. It is however worthy of note that the substances used could result in having mild side-effects like headaches, insomnia, tiredness, and rashes.

Let’s clear the air a bit. Users noticed an increase in erection firmness, but none of the users confirmed the erection growth was permanent.

Important Note: The VigRX Plus has a price of $76.99 which equates to about $1.28 for each pill. You are backed by a 67-day money back guarantee on each purchase. There’s also the option of buying more than a months’ supply of the pill, which would see the pricing drop significantly. Some added perks would also be thrown in if you decide to order for several months’ worth of pills.

The VigRX Plus enhancement pills are best used by men with weak erection or a low libido. Though the price seems a bit steep, the pills are entirely worth it.

  1. Male Extra

Male Extra leads the pack of the best male enhancement pills on this list. It has always been widely acclaimed as a leading male enhancement pill which is also clinically tested!

The price of the pill, alongside its surefire guarantee system puts it on a tab to try if you are looking to enhance your penile system.

It’s made using a potent formula that comprises of two key ingredients, which are; Pomegranate & L-Arginine. The ingredients act as a booster or the nitric oxide level in the body, which in turn leads to more flow of blood to your ‘manhood’. The inflow of a lot of blood takes a few days to add up, and in turn makes your erections fuller and more firm.

The maker of this pill puts in a word on what to expect, saying that an average growth of between 0.8 to 2.6 inches is to be expected in about 3-6 months of using the product

Important Note: While the male extra is a great enhancement pill, it is advisable to start out your trial with a months’ supply of the pills. It cost about $64.95, i.e. slightly above $0.72 per pill – each pack contains 90 pills!

There’s also a 60-day money back guarantee on each purchase, you are covered.


Best 7 Penis Extending Devices

Top Penis Extenders – Do These 7 Devices Really Work?

This review is based on real information gathered from series of researches. I would advise that you don’t buy any product unless you read this review. The information covered here are all quality details and spreads into various sections – tricks, the Pros and the Cons as well.

Penis extenders are not new to us. They have been in existence for years now and are one of the prominent of the several different types of male enlargement practices and products available. Penis extenders stretch and elongate the phallus using traction. This process increases the penis’ length and girth slowly but continuously.

The penis extenders don’t enjoy a monopoly, so there are quite a lot of the products to choose from; however, not all of them are worth it. If you plan on seeing results, it is recommended to get yourself a highly rated product; as such you won’t be wasting your hard earned money on a worthless piece of crap.

These review covers 7 of the best brands, rated based on price and customer experience. To each his own right? So go through them and choose any of the extenders that you feel would be your perfect tool.

2016 Top 7 Penis Extenders for Gaining Extra Size

Starting from the best of the bunch…

  1. SizeGenetics

The SizeGenetics (SG) is a notable brand widely respected for being one of the best in the penis extension business. The company also boasts that its before and after pictures are all real not like other coy who manipulate picture to fix on their website.

The SizeGenetics main focus is on comfort which is what makes it the best choice. The system comes with two different head pieces which allows up to 58 ways to comfortably wear it. Asides that, SizeGenetics is the most endorsed brand by doctors and penis enlargement surgeons in the world over. It also has an ‘authentic’ medical device certificate.

 Important Note: This product is one of the oldest products in the market; SizeGenetics has been around since the 1990s so you can be sure you are going for a great product. To cap it off, there’s a money back guarantee type system put in place if you are not satisfied. Interestingly, before and after pictures are mostly of real users who send in their REAL results to motivate others.

On the flip side, SizeGenetics is a lot more expensive than other extenders on the list. There’s also the issue of wearing an extender for at least 4 hours every day for a minimum of two months if you want to see results.

  1. Male Edge

Male Edge (ME) is yet another extender that is well known and has over 500,000 users across the globe. It’s convenient design which is also lightweight has an attractive feel, and so far, it’s been fulfilling its promises of increase in size of the penile erections.

There’s a ruler to measure progress so far, and included is access to a specially created forum for users from across the globe.

The Male Edge comes in three packages:

  1. Basic ($149.99)
  2. Extra ($174.99)
  3. Pro ($199.99)

Pay attention: The manufacturers assures of a 28% size increase after using for 26 weeks. As an attractive perk, you are covered by a ‘double money back guarantee’, so there’s really nothing to fear.

On the flip side, it takes ample time to start seeing results.

  1. Jes Extender

With this extender, you can see up to a 28% increase in the size and girth of your manhood after about 26 weeks. It is also one of the first and original male penile enlargement systems created. The system is safe, also documented, and offers permanent growth over a stretch in time.

The Jes Extender has 6 packages you can choose from including:

  1. Light standard ($209.99)
  2. Original standard comfort ($229.99)
  3. Titanium ($249.99)
  4. Silver standard ($299.99)
  5. Gold standard ($349.99)
  6. Platinum ($1,000.00)

Pay attention: One of the earliest male enhancement stretchers in the market. The Jes extender has been around since 1994.

The Jes Extender is probably the most expensive extender on the list with the platinum option costing a rather enormous $1000. It also requires serious commitment if you want to see permanent results.

  1. Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte (PF) was designed to not only help you increase your size by a few inches, but to also treat erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease as well. The PF extender is an old boy on the block with over 14 years in existence; it has made a name for itself. The PF extender is not only comfortable but also painless.

The PF extender is a medical grade system which you can wear under your clothes without anybody noticing. It can stay in that position for 8 to 12 hours without causing you discomfort. You should start seeing results in a month if used properly.

Quick Note: The Phallosan Forte isn’t like other systems that offer options; it has just one system and costs about $339.00. The system uses a belt system and vacuum protector technology to enlarge and straighten your phallus quickly.

  1. Vimax System

The Vimax system is a more complex method of growing your penis size.  The system includes a device, some pills, and patches put in place to tackle both the physical and the nutritional sessions of adding a few inches.

With the system, there’s a likelihood of seeing an increment in both length and girth in 3 months – up to 3 inches!

The Vimax system is easy to use and comfortable also. It’s main aim is to improve the quality, and quantity of your erections as well as orgasm. The price of this extender is put at $99.95 only.

Important Note: There’s room for purchase customization with this extender. You are not restricted to the number of Vimax pills and Liquid RX you can order. There’s also the added bonus of access to exercises which would help you speed up your shaft gain.

On the flip side, you are required to use capsules which you probably won’t be too comfortable taking. You are also mandated to use the Vimax device frequently if you want to see results.

  1. Quick Extender

The Quick Extender is another extender with an impressive claim. The company promises that you should see up to 32% increment in size in just 6 months! The company is a reputable brand, and uses medical grade materials for its extenders.

The extender is easy to use and lightweight. It has also been rated as the best extender (by the DSS System) if you are looking for a performing, yet comfortable system. It also comes in three different packages;

  • Value package ($119.93)
  • Deluxe standard ($179.93)
  • Deluxe limited ($349.93)

Keep in mind: While the Deluxe limited package is ultra expensive of the trio, it is also the most complex system guaranteed to boost your size. It also comes with a very attractive money back guarantee to free your mind.

The system needs to be worn for a stretch of at least 2 hours, it also uses 2 straps, thus hiking the replacement costs. The tension springs used may vary among models.

  1. Euro Extender

The last on the list is the Euro extender. This extender is pretty easy to use, comes as a bundle of pills, device, and exercise instructions all aimed to help you a get bigger manhood – permanently. The product is comfortable and after successful use, you should notice;

  • You have stronger penile erections
  • An increase in both length and girth of your shaft.

The Euro Extender allows you two purchase options; you could buy the gadgets alone or the whole penis enlargement system. The gadget costs $99.95 alone, while the entire system is valued at $199.5

Note: The penis enlargement exercises included and the Sinrex 2-in-1 pills round up this extender to make it worthwhile by increasing your stamina as well as boosting your penile size.

On the flip side, there are a few users who have tested and complained that the Euro Extender just adds an inch to their shaft size. This is worrisome as the company actually promised 2 to 3 inches increment.

How to Get a Bigger Penis: 8 Penis Enlargement Exercises

8 Natural, Safe Penis Enlargement Exercises!

This guide is to enlighten you on all the best exercises available to help you grow your penis to a better admirable size.

Growing your penis to a bigger size is not mandatory, but if you plan on having a better sex life, complete with oozing confidence, then I dare say it is important you have a nice looking, big penis.

If you are interested in having impressive looking erections, then read this guide carefully, because you are about to discover some of the best exercises specifically targeted to get you that bigger looking, stronger and very much more satisfying erection perfect for a rumble underneath the sack.

Oh! Did I say you don’t need to spend your money on any pill? Especially those cheap pills flying about which can be damaging to your health!

Yeah, you heard me right, most of the cheap pills being sold won’t give you the satisfaction you need but instead can cause a lot of damage to your health from being cancerous to killing your sensory nerves. This “do-it-yourself” exercise on the other hand requires just your hands and ample time, hard work and consistency.

Exercises are a path way to a healthy body and mind. They are a very handy tool to unlock any previously locked away health benefit including getting your manhood bigger than it is. These exercises would take you into a different level and help you attain a better looking, and satisfying penis.

8 of the best exercises for a Penis Growth

  1. The Ultimate Stretcher

This is voted one of the best methods to increase your penis size by a few inches. The method involves simply stretching out your flaccid manhood, and can be done in just 5 easy steps.

  1. First you need to hold firmly the head of your phallus. (You should be careful not to restrict blood circulation around the area. The process should not discomfort you.
  2. Next, you should stretch it out with a pretty strong force (yet painless), so it would be stretched on the inside of the penis as well as the base area.
  3. Next, you should hold it down like that for a few seconds, say around 10 to 30.
  4. Take a few minutes off, and then have a go at it once again.
  5. Repeat this steps daily for a duration of say, 5 to 10 minutes.

Quick tip: Don’t be focused on one direction. Extend the stretching to every direction – up, down, sideways. Each following the same steps.

  1. The Thumb Stretcher

The thumb stretcher isn’t of same pattern, but it works just as well and you should consider adding it to your practice list.

  1. Take hold of your penis using any of your hands.
  2. Should be held in position rigidly but you should avoid cutting off the flow of blood or discomforting yourself in the process.
  3. With your free hand, place thumb at the foundation of the penis.
  4. Begin stretching the penis, until you feel it stretch in bits.
  5. Again, you should maintain that stretching position for a few seconds (10 to 15) and then let go off your grip.
  6. Take a few minutes off to rest, and then get back to the process from start.
  7. Feel free to keep at it for a duration of  2.5 to 5 minutes in every session.

Quick tip: There’s no limit to the amount of sessions you can do, but between one and three sessions daily is a good start. 

  1. The Backwards Method

P.S: This method isn’t the most recommended because it can cause damage to your system. It is a rather dangerous method, and if you can, kindly avoid it or better still, seek professional advice.

The steps below are a list of how to get started with the backwards method:

  1. First, using your thumbs, stretch backwards towards your body the skin of your penis.
  2. Let your other fingers under your dick to provide support to it.
  3. Stay in this position for about 10 seconds. Remember your grip should be firm.
  4. Take a few minutes off to rest, and then get back to the process from start.
  5. Repeat each day for about 5 minutes.
  1. The Opposite Pull

The Opposite pull is a very effective method to get you a few extra inches down there. However, reading the process and deciding if you want to go through with it is what would determine your fate.

If you have decided to go ahead with it, then here are the 6 easy steps to get started:

  1. Using your right hand, hold the edge of your lax phallus.
  2. Now, place your left hand on the foot of penis.
  3. If you won’t be freaked out, then feel free to tug at the penis with both hands in opposite directions. Do this for about 10 seconds at a time.
  4. If you performed the task well, you should feel the inside of the shaft stretching.
  5. A few minutes break should be in other, then repeat the process..
  6. Keep at it daily (5 minutes total session)

Safety tip: If you feel any pain or discomfort, please STOP! Also, seek guidance from an enhancement expert before you begin. 

  1. The Kegels

Kegel exercises are known to favor, and be of immense benefit to women compared to men – health wise.  However, there’s also a way for men to increase their penile size using kegel exercise and maintaining control over your erection.

To get started, follow the steps:

  1. First, you need to identify and locate the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. You can do this by stopping the flow of urine naturally.
  2. Once you locate the PC muscle, your next task is to contract the muscle as much as 25 times every day.
  3. If you get that done without issues, you should increase your sessions (i.e. more contractions daily).

After successful kegel exercise, you should notice an increase in length and girth of your penile erection; this is because of more inflow of blood to the shaft. 

  1. The Jelqing Method” (Milking)

This method requires you to be mi-erect (i.e. your dick should be around ½ and ¾ of your maximum erection power).

If this technique is done in a flaccid state, you won’t have any improvements, if it’s done in a fully erect state, you might damage your tissue and nerves.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Use a lot of lube your penis (oil based lube is recommended).
  2. Using your right hand, make an “OK” sign, then take hold of your penis.
  3. Slowly caress your phallus with your right hand by pulling outwards from the foundation of your penis to its “head” (be careful not to jelq your glans to avoid losing sensation).
  4. Now change hands and go over the above steps. The main advantage of this technique is it traps and pushes blood from the foundation of the penis, thus enlarging the entire shaft size.
  5. Feel free to repeat this process as many times as you want. However, if you encounter any discomfort, it is highly advised you stop.

Quick advice: Beginners should start small, and finally increase the session amount after some time.

  1. The Circular Rotation

The circular rotation technique takes a close semblance to the ultimate stretcher. They however have a few differences you need to note.

For a start, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Get your penis outwards with your hand
  2. Gently but firmly hold the glans.
  3. Start stretching, and rotating your manhood at the same time.
  4. Keep doing this in a clockwise direction for 30 seconds.
  5. Feel free to switch your hands and perform the movement in reverse direction this time.
  6. Repeat these steps up to 5 times a day.
  1. The Weight-Lifter

Probably the most dangerous of the lot, even has experts recommending total avoidance for safety reasons. However, it is a really surefire way to get your member up a few inches, but of course, it should be done in moderation and properly too.

This method is mostly practiced by the Japanese who popularized it. It is also proven to work on several occasions, but we would always say you should try the “best” of the list before trying this.

If after trying others, you still would like to give this a shot, then follow these four tips:

  1. First you should remember to try this method only when your penis is in a flaccid state.
  1. Once you are good to go, attach a specifically created weight to the member. (the best weights used are “Bib Hanger” and “LG Hanger”).
  1. Using the weight would force the member to stretch downwards.
  2. Going through with this method with see your dick get “a permanent” increment in size.

Pay attention: Before you go through with this, please make proper research, as the method is known to be dangerous.

It’s Not Over – How to Win Him Back!

How to Win Him Back – Get Your Ex Back

We’re not called “Getexbackguru” for no reason. Back to the basics.

We’ve all been there for one reason or another. Maybe it was an amicable split that happened because of you to just slowly growing apart. Maybe you became different people – or at least he did. Maybe he cheated or lied and you got sick of it, or maybe you cheated and realized you made a big mistake. Whatever. We are not here to judge. We are just here to help you figure out exactly how you can win him back as fast as possible.

First of all there are multiple approaches to this sensitive situation. Whose fault is it that you broke up? Who actually initiated the breakup? These are things to consider when you try to figure out the best tactic in order to make him want you back. So we’re going to cover a broad idea they can sort of twisted into your own situation to try and see if it’ll work, and then we’re going to go into more specific situations and walk you through how to get him back after experiencing a certain scenario.

How To Make Him Want You Back

Assuming you’ve already heard of no contact, correct? Even though this seems to be a tool branded specifically for guys mainly, women can utilize it very well to after a breakup stop contacting your ex immediately. There’s very little chance of you begging or crying suddenly changing his mind and making him decide that breaking up was the wrong thing to do. It’s better to appear slightly less involved than they might expect, although you don’t want to come up with a total sociopath.

Take some time away from your, at least a week, and begin enjoying activities with your friends or maybe even other guys. Don’t go too far you don’t want to turn some other guy into a rebound because any emotions are just going to start getting even more confused. Just try and rekindle some friendships, especially ones that you may have been neglecting what you are in a relationship. Get the apologies out of the way and start doing fun things to remind yourself that you do not need your man again. You might want him back but you don’t need him back. This is an important piece of the puzzle to establish early on. It’s like they say – the person who cares the least in the relationship tends to hold the most power.

You going to want to wait for your ex to take some sort of opportunity, or excuse, to initiate contact to you again. Maybe it will be a tax on a holiday, or someone’s birthday. It can be as simple as just ahead. The moment you get your text the ball is in your court. Start thinking about what kind of relationship you want to have this person, and what exactly failed to make you guys breakup in the first place.

Once you know what you want in a relationship, you’re free to start small talking with your ex to sort of get things back to a casual place. Then set up a date with your ex and try to meet up in a public place where it could almost be considered a date, but not definitively, and go from there. Because you two already had emotions for each other, it is going to be easy and natural for things to get back to the way it was before.

That’s the general guide. Now Let’s go into specific scenarios.

Getting Back Together After Divorce

None this is a very telephone. After divorce, you’ve already gone through the messy legal hearings, bites, and likely aired your dirty laundry for everyone in the neighborhood to see and smell. And don’t even get me started on the various types of scenarios that could lead to this sort of break. If you’re going to try and get back together with your ex after divorce, you need to be able to look at your relationship completely objectively, as if you were a third person looking at you and you are ex in the marriage. There are couple of different guys that you can utilize in order to figure out how to repair a broken marriage and get back together after divorce.

  1. Save My Marriage Today – This is a pretty effective tool that I personally used when my divorce as being finalized, and I have to say the guide is pretty damn good. Saved my marriage for another 3 years before things naturally apart, on my own accord that time. If you want to check them out, their website is

2. Professional Psychiatrist – Different relationships are all complex in their own way. You need to speak to a professional, not your friends, who you can tell exactly what happened in your relationship so that they can help you out.

3. Use great sex to get him back – Another option to try and save your marriage divorce, good old fashioned good sex. May sound silly, but you’d be surprised just how much influence good sex has over men.


save my marriage program

How to Win Him Back From Another Woman

Now with the cheating on you with another woman? Or did he simply move on a little bit too quickly and find another girl to take your place? You want to try to figure out which one of the scenarios happen because if it was the former you might not want to get back with him in the first place. Let’s assume it was completely innocent and he just happened to find another girl. There are some things to keep in mind when try to win him back from another woman.

1. Could the sex have been better? There’s a possibility that you weren’t quite delivering what he might’ve expected in the bedroom which led him to try and explore his other options. You going to want to start looking into making sure that you’re not a dead starfish kind of girl. I would suggest checking out the language of desire guide in order to spice up your bedroom.

2. Were you a good girlfriend in general? Try and really consider answering this question as if you were someone else looking at your relationship. Did you do anything you could? Here’s a guide on how to be the type of girlfriend that keeps men coming back for more.


Once you answer these questions, you can begin the work on winning your ex back. Keep in mind:

1. You’ve been with him longer you have more emotional report with him. Even when he’s with her he’s likely thinking about you to some capacity. It’s like you’re both running a marathon race but you already halfway through and she’s just now leaving the starting position.

2. You can change if you need to. The fact that you on this website means that your at least admitting that there’s a chance you could do something better. Admitting get is the first step, and reading this guide in implementing it is the second step. If she doesn’t know that this stuff she can improve on she simply not going to. This means that you can quickly get the jump on her by improving yourself, probably through your sex life.

Going to want to make sure you’re not acting desperate and maybe send him a text every week or two to try test the waters and see if he’s responding or if you went no contact. If he is responding to try and set up a very subtle kind of day, perhaps a Netflix into, and go from there. It will be easier for you to make a move because you’re already comfortable with each other, and you already have quite a bit of sexual tension built up.

How to Win Him Back after a Break Up – A BAD ONE!

Let’s assume you had the worst kind of break up imaginable maybe things were thrown. Maybe we both got even a little physical. How can you win him back?

With this scenario you just want to make sure that you make it clear that you will never act the way you did during the break up again. Say your actions during the bad breakup were just your high running emotions. If you’re having trouble getting a response from the ex, try this texting guide (text your ex back) in order to send the kinds of messages that will at least get him interested in meeting up with you again. From there it is a simple as letting things move naturally, relying on your already built up emotional rapport and comfortability with each other.



“Should I get back together with my Ex?”

One last thing to consider – should you get back your ex at all. This is exactly the right kind of question to be asking, because it means that your halfway ready to move on if you need to let you just want to make sure that moving on is indeed the right move. We’ve already written a guide on how to understand whether or not you should get back your ex, but pausing to ask yourself this kind of question is a sign of deep emotional maturity. I’m sure that if you do decide to move on, you’ll have no trouble finding a new guy.



How to Make Her Cum – Hit the Gspot!

Making Her Cum Quickly and Effectively

It’s no big mystery that it can be quite difficult to get a girl to successfully reach an orgasm. A lot of men simply don’t understand what they’re doing, nor do they have an idea of what the “right” way to do things might be. So today regard to the to just how you can make her come with the ease, with all you really need to do is practice to be able to do it on a regular basis.

Understanding Orgasms

Women have several different ways that they can actually reach their orgasm. Some gross income multiple different ways, while other girls only are comfortable with one specific way. It’s important to try and feel out what kind of orgasm your girl prefers, and if you can figure it out to just feeling her body inbreeding her reaction to look even better on you. Alternatively you can fall back to just asking her, but to be honest this does actually ruin a bit of the mood. Girls like to feel like there with a guy who knows what he’s doing, or at the very least can pick up on her reaction to figure out what he needs to do to make them both happy and into the night. If that’s not you, I suggest you try and have to fake it.

The Vaginal Orgasm

This is the simplest form of orgasm. A vaginal orgasm is reach simply by stimulating her vagina, a.k.a. insertion. This is the most typical kind of sex and I will default to, which is simply too bad because it is not the typical kind of sex that results in women orgasmic. Many more are more clitoris stimulation kind of girls. But for vaginal orgasm you can reach this through simply standard sex, or using a vibrator. If your girl is a kind of girl who likes vaginal orgasms and you not able to make her come, you might want to look into increasing your own endurance and power in the bedroom.

Studies have shown that older women are more likely to come from American vaginal orgasm. But again we should be able to read your girl to try and figure out which one she prefers.

The Clitoral Orgasm

This is by far the most common type of orgasm that many women can reach. It’s a shame that it’s also the most complicated one for guys to enact even though it is actually relatively simple to understand. All you want to do is focus on the clitoris, a.k.a. the part of the girl that has over 8000 sensitive nerve endings just waiting to be teased, touched, and licked by you.

However guys have to keep in mind several rules.

1. Don’t go straight to the clit instead you want to teaser playing around with her upper thigh right around the claimant and maybe just touching a little bit with a soft touch before going back to other parts of her body. You want to make her want to. Sex for women is as emotional as it is physical, if not more so emotional. By being able to tease her you are subtly implying that you are in complete control over whether or not she does cum successfully, which is just going to turn her on more.

2. When you do finally begin to focus on the claimant want to make sure using a very light sort of touch. You’re looking try and keep your tongue relaxed focusing on using either your teased by gently biting down your tongue to keep in place then move your head up and down the left and right, or trying to keep your tongue relaxed and focus on using the back of your tongue muscles in order to massage the quickly time. You can also try gently sucking on it gently – and I do mean GENTLY. Don’t get weird about it guys, but at the end of the day the clits nerve endings are remarkably similar to that of the penis. Like in your penis sucked don’t you?

3. You can also combine clitoris and vaginal stimulation. Either enter and then use one hand to gently massage the clit as you thrust, or you can instead use her own sort of toy, such as a rabbit on her click while you go at it. You can also order her to massage own clit as you do your work.

The GSpot Orgasm

Perhaps the most famous of all orgasm methods is the Gspot method. The G spot also known as the Gräfenberg spot (named after Gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg) is located inside the vagina.

What Does The Gspot Look and Feel Like?

illustration to show what the gspot looks like and where it is located
Here’s an image of what the G spot looks like. The G spot is located on the top wall of the vagina about halfway through the vaginal opening and the cervix. This is about 2 to 4 inches inside depending on the girl. The spots and feel just a little bit rough not unlike the surface of a walnut.

How to Hit The Gspot

Once located there are a few different ways to stimulate the G spot to make her come. One popular way is to hit by fingering inputting your palms facing upward and doing a come hither motion picture middle and ring finger in order to massage the G spot. Alternative way is during vaginal insertion, and involves you simply adopting a position in which your penis of the rubbing directly against the G spot.

For example you can use an alternative version of wheelbarrow or missionary position to hit the spot. Depending on the shape of your position and the position that the girl is in you can also adjust your missionary positions that you pick the G spot, while being vaginally inserted, and have your stomach rubbing on her clit at the exact same time. This is called a three-pronged assault and yes I did just coined that term. Doesn’t change that and just as effective as it sounds.

And that’s about it! You know know exactly what kind of methods you can use in order to make your girl come easier. You can either stimulate the clit, depend on vaginal insertion and your own thrust, endurance, and range of motion; or you can stimulate her G spot. Try and get a feel of what your girl likes, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. The most important part is to act like you know what you’re doing even if you don’t. Now go out there and become a modern-day Casanova.


How to Tease a Girl

how to tease a girl playfully and sexually

How to Tease Women

The ancient art of teasing is long forgotten and often under appreciated. Teasing a girl, playfully or even as a foreplay into sex is one of the most powerful ways to arouse her attention (or just outright arouse her). Women are extremely vulnerable to teasing, and many find themselves easily swayed by a playful man confident enough to push her buttons, but doing so with a unmistakable lightness (so that she doesn’t just wind up getting hurt or angry because you did something terribly rude).

This is an important detail to teasing that you must not neglect. You must be taunting her from a place of playfulness, not spitefulness. You want to be affectionate while you’re messing with her.

Teasing is also a great way to measure a girl’s interest in you, if she responds playfully, energetically, or plays along with your teasing it’s a good sign that she might be interested, and at the very least she’s not uninterested. If she shuts it down, either you caught her in a bad mood or she is actually not interested in you (friend zone maybe?) , but that’s OK. You don’t want to be with a girl you can’t joke around with anyway, right?


Another important note is that you don’t want to ever be afraid to tease a girl. Too many men out there have that ground covered for you already, as you’ll soon discover. Once you get into the habit of teasing girls, whether you’re interested in them romantically or not, you’ll see how well women respond to it. That’s because a lot of guys simply lack the confidence to even try and tease a girl, because they fear they might lose the girl’s interest altogether if they say something or do something other than complimenting a girl. That’s a losing mentality.


Teasing is fun for BOTH parties involved, so don’t ever feel afraid or guilty for doing it. It adds a whole new dynamic to your relationship with a woman.


On the verge of sealing the deal with a girl? No where close but want some help? Here are some good guides to utilize if you’re the type of person who wants an exact blueprint of what to say and do, no questions asked.

  1. Language of Lust – this is guide will answer absolutely any questions you could possible have. With guides for texting, building attraction, and even a guide to having great sex, it’s a must check-out. Their official website is .
  2.  If you’ve already managed to get a girl, but are just looking for ways to ensure she stays lusting for you, you can try out the Revive her drive program. Their website is
  3. Don’t want to depend on any programs, just want to be your own confident man? Check out our confidence guide then and learn how to become the best version of yourself, as well as project that towards your prospects.


That being said, let’s get into some examples of teasing you can use:

Disclaimer: Don’t use any method here that doesn’t mesh with your personality, and don’t feel obligated to copy these exactly step-by-step. These are just examples of teasing that many guys have made use of and seen positive reaction to. Some of these I wouldn’t even want to do, but I’ve left you option to pick and choose whichever ones work for you.


-Whisper “sweet nothings” into her ear. Literally, whisper the words “sweet nothings”. Alternatively, do it with words that are definitely not sweet nothings. For example, after you’ve established this habit, while watching a comedy movie whisper “Adam Sandler” in her ear.

– Randomly slip bottle caps into her pockets when you can

– Try and get her to kiss your eyebrows, elbow, or something else random. Once she does it, look at her with disgust and question why she would do that.

– Offer her an item she needs (paper, pencil, cash etc) and then pull away before she takes it. Then offer it up and take it away last second again.

– Mimic her

– Replace her makeup with crayons

– Get her attention by having a conversation. Without breaking conversation, continuously hand her random objects. She’ll be naturally compelled to take them from you and be left with a bunch of garbage in her hands.

– Pretend to mishear/misinterpret her. Or flat out act deaf.

– Mess with her hair (disclaimer: this one could be dangerous)

– Offer a high five, then pull away at the last second to make her miss

– Dad jokes and generally awful puns

– Give her empty sticks/packs of gum

– Touch her with something cold

– Narrate her thought processes out loud, especially in a silly voice. Also works if she’s currently mad at you; for example if she’s giving you the silent treatment and walking around you, say “oh boy, here she comes. Oh yeah, still ignoring me. She’s really showing me what’s what now!”

– Randomly bring up embarrassing moments

– look away or focus on a random object while she’s in the middle of telling a story

– Open the door for her with a grand gesture. As she goes to step through the door, push past her and go through first. Alternatively, once she goes through first.

– Collapse on top of her and pretend to be dead (AKA trustfall)

– Walk into her and then say “hey, watch where you’re going!”

You get the idea. Rekindle with your inner child and let loose.


Sexual Teasing:

Sexual teasing is completely different from playful teasing, because when you’re teasing for sex you’re trying to get her in the mood. Some things you can do:


– Prevent her from kissing/touching you back as you proceed to do as you wish to her.

– Maintain strong (but not creepy) eye contact. Basically, if you’re unattractive it will come off as creepy.

– Go slowly, agonizing slowly, while make sure you’re in full control (so she doesn’t think you’re being timid)

– At a public place, like a restaurant? Under the table, start exploring her body while making sure no one you’re out with knows but her. Bonus points if you start conversations with people and leave them none the wiser while doing it.

– Give her a full body look over.

– Lightly trail your fingers around her body.

You want to exercise patience and control with this method of teasing. Anything you can do to show your restraint while still messing with her will be golden.




The Netflix and Chill Date (Tinder and Text Game)

netflix and chill

Netflix and Chill

This phrase is sweeping the nation in it’s popularity, which could be bad in the long run. But life is short and we’re trying to help you live yours to the fullest, so let’s focus on the short term. Right now, many people of both sexes are using this innuendo to initiate a date, or rather, a hookup, with someone their interested in. The fact that it’s mainstream means that right now it’s the perfect balance of putting yourself out there but still having some plausible deniability.

You meet a girl, get her number (or get her number through Tinder). You small talk for a bit, and feel a bit of chemistry (or you’re looking to get a new friend-with-benefits). Rather than waste your time talking about platonic things until you end up in the friend zone, you ask her to come back to your dorm to “watch Netflix and chill”. She interprets this as you wanting to have sex, but continues under the false pretense of you two just watching The Notebook or some such on Netflix. She agrees, and you two set the date.

Why did she agree? There are a few options.

She wants to have sex with you and is aware of the innuendo behind “Netflix and chill” and is OK with where things may lead if you happen to get hot and bothered during The Notebook.


She doesn’t know what “Netflix and chill means”, yet is OK with the idea of being in an enclosed space with you for an extended period of time (at least 2 hours) but would prefer if it did not get sexual.

Which one of these things do you think is more likely?

So, to take the proper steps to set up your Netflix and Chill date, you want to proceed assuming she’s aware of the current stigma behind agreeing to such a meetup is going to be.


you said netflix and chill

What both parties should assume should happen when you say Netflix and chill.



On the verge of sealing the deal with a girl? No where close but want some help? Here are some good guides to utilize if you’re the type of person who wants an exact blueprint of what to say and do, no questions asked.

  1. Language of Lust – this is guide will answer absolutely any questions you could possible have. With guides for texting, building attraction, and even a guide to having great sex, it’s a must check-out. Their official website is .
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You’re both playing a game at this point, teasing each other. Hopefully you have enough confidence to make your intentions known, without being too overt. Then the game becomes you two talking about stuff you both know doesn’t really matter.

“What movie should we watch?”

“How about a romantic comedy?”

“Okay, sounds great, I like xxxx”

As long as you’ve been assertive enough for the person to reasonably conclude you are interested in them, there should be no trouble with someone literally expecting only a movie and no moves to be made.


20 minutes into netflix and chill you gotta look at her robot meme


So let’s say you’ve made it – you’re at your (or her) room, isolated, watching a movie together. Hopefully, you’ve at least made physical contact with your crush by hugging her when you first met up. If not, at least move close to her or sit next to her. Then, just wait for a moment when you can gather your confidence and go for the kiss.

There’s very little chance that she isn’t at the very least expecting for you to make a move, although whether or not she accepts it or rejects you depends on your unique relationship. But you do not need to think about small things like how you kiss her, or how you initiate. There’s no magical line that needs to be said. By the time you two are alone together like this, it’s just human nature for you to at least attempt something. No matter how lame it might be.

netflix and chill meme part 2


Just remember that it’s lower than you think.

Now, of course Netflix and chill doesn’t always mean this. But it’s quickly becoming the standard, accepted interpretation of the phrase. So you should proceed assuming that both parties understand this, and if you get turned down or she says she wasn’t expecting this, just apologize and go on your way, but know that you were acting within reason. It’s more likely that the worst rejection you’ll face is a girl who doesn’t want things to move too fast requesting that you two go slower, which is perfectly fine for most guys.

If not, you can always go no contact.


How to Eat the Booty Like Groceries (Rimming/Eating Ass)

eat the booty like groceries rimming and eating ass

How to Eat Ass: Guide to Rimming/Analingus


1. Establish comfort. As with all matters of sex, the best way to achieve explosive results is often through making sure that you and your partner are both comfortable. This rings true also for the art of rimming. There are a couple of different ways you can work to allay your partner’s existing anxiety to make the experience of Analingus as pleasant as possible.

Cleanliness – Shower. It’s really no surprise that cleanliness is a big concern considering that analingus (also known as rimming or tossing the salad) involves direct contact from one partner’s tongue to their recipient’s anus. No one is going to want to try this without the recipient having come fresh out of the shower. While the recipient is in the shower, whether its you or your partner, they should take a finger and take a few seconds to make sure they dug everything out that they need to.

Cleanliness- Trim. You can debate whether or not you’ll be trimming, shaving, or letting your natural bush grow out on the front side of your body as much as you want. But when you’re dealing with the behind, you better believe that hair better be gone or low as possible. No one wants to have the experience hampered by having to duck and weave through a forest. Trim, shave, or try some hair-removal creams.

Cleanliness- Bleaching. Anal bleaching is primarily utilized to lighten your anus, which can make it look much more appealing to the person about to stick their tongue inside of it. However, their are risks of burning, irritation, and potentially even scarring. This is primarily a cosmetic procedure, so if you’re going to go with it to enhance the experience of rimming, make sure the place you’re getting done at is clean and safe.


1b. Consider Protection – If you’re with a partner who you feel might be unclean (in which case what you’re about to do is pretty stupid) or you’re just on the safe side then you’re going to want to consider building a dental dam.


dental dam for rimming and eating ass

An example dental dam that can be used for both oral sex or analingus.

Dental Dams can be constructed by taking a thin square of latex, (improvise with an unlubricated condom, latex glove, or plastic wrap) and then fashioning one by cutting in half and pressing it against your mouth as the picture above depicts.

2. Procedure


Once again, as with all matters of sex, you’re going to want to add some foreplay before you get straight into the ass eating. Tease around the butt. Show your partner that even though you’re about to do what can be considered a pretty submissive act, you’re the one really in control here. Taunt them as you explore their entire body, then briefly linger on their main areas before leaving again. Make them really squirm. When you’re ready to start getting into it, test the waters and begin actually playing with their butt and anus. Pay close attention to their body language and how they tense up. Hopefully if you’re at this stage with your partner, you can recognize which tenses are a good sign (something for you to exploit for pleasure) and which are signals of pain.


Spit (Saliva) is going to be the butter for this bread. Anuses don’t self-lubricate, so a good idea is to spread your partner’s cheeks apart when you’re ready to get serious, then start licking, drooling, or evne spitting to get their anus nice and lubricated. Don’t rush to start adding in your fingers, or else it’s gong to be a painful (and short-lived) experience.


As you’re lubricating with the spit, make sure that you keep their ass cheeks spread wide enough for your tongue to be able to weave as it needs to freely. You’re not trying to tear your partner in half at the butt though, so find a good balance. Rimming, as I’ve said before, is an art. It’s a delicate process, so be patient and calculating, rather than giving into your lust and going wild. Take deep, calming breaths if you need to.


And speaking of your breath, this is another power tool to use in Analingus. Once the anus has become wet due to your application of spit, it’s going to be a lot more sensitive. A nice cool or even hot breath is going to send shivers up your partner’s spine, so feel free to take breaks from licking to apply your breath in a controlled manner. Almost like you’re trying to whisper, although your mouth is a bit wider to avoid the actual sharp whistling noise (which is probably a mood killer).


Make you add variety to your method, swapping between circling, to random shapes, or the alphabet and so on and so forth. You can also adjust the size of your tongue, between narrow and wide, to control the amount of pressure you give.

Avoid Tunnel Vision

As you’re in the act, don’t forget to explore other areas of your partners body (that you can reasonably reach). Just be smart and safe if you decide to let your tongue wander after its been in your partner’s asshole.

Clean Up

Afterwards, the first step for you and/or your partner should be to brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Get that stuff taken care of.

Enjoy! With this guide to Rimming, you’re well on your way to becoming a regular master of Analingus. All you need at this point is to keep in mind that practice makes perfect.


How to Get a Girl That’s Out Of Your League

First off, I just activated my trap card. If you clicked on this post because you believe a girl to be “out of your league”, you’re now caught in my web. That’s completely negative thinking, and more importantly, won’t help you in any which way whatsoever.

So cut it out, and get more confidence in yourself.

Approaching your crush with the mentality of getting a girl that’s out of your league is starting yourself at the bottom of a hill, while everyone is is starting from the top of the hill and merely has to race down. This might shock you, but the complete truth is:

There’s no such thing as “leagues”. Or “types” for that matter, not really.

If you’ve been rejected by a girl who has said you’re not in her league or not in her type, she was either trying to be nice (with the latter excuse) or generally being a bitch (the former excuse) in which case the best thing you can do is move on with your life and go no contact on the girls who don’t appreciate you for who you are.


Now, with that introduction out of the way, let’s discuss how you can successfully win over your current crush, who you likely see as being better looking or a better person than you are.

Steps To Get The Girl

1. Accept that she’s not out of your league

I touched on this but didn’t really elaborate. There are plenty of examples of situations where girls date guys who look less attractive than them, although I’ll leave it up to you to google image for some good ones that convince you that your situation isn’t as hopeless as you’re feeling. The truth is that girls really do care less about looks than you think. Looks help, and make it easier for guys (a really good looking guy can get away with having a less impressive personality) but it’s not all that matters. If you’re at least average in the looks department, you have a shot.

2. Be Real. Be Natural.

I don’t want to just say “be yourself”. That’s generally bull shit that doesn’t really get the job done. But be as true to your personality as you can be – and I mean the way you are around your guy friends and family, not around girls you’re trying to impress.

Girls are infinitely more perceptive than guys are – it’s just nature. She might not be able to put her finger on it exactly, but something about your personality will innately seem off to her if you’re putting on a show, and she’ll keep her guard up around you. You’re not getting anywhere with a girl who can’t relax around you.

3. Go For It

Key method to avoiding the friendzone as well as those nights of “what-ifs” is just going for it. Hopefully, you haven’t known this girl for too long and pussyfooted around making an actual move. Get her number, call her, and try and set up a date. If she says no, she’s crazy and you dodged a bullet, move on. If she says yes but then flakes later and doesn’t provide a better time or date, she’s crazy and you dodged a bullet, move on. If she says yes and tries to bring a friend with her, she’s crazy and…you get the idea.

The truth is, you’re in the exact same situation whether you ask her and she says no or you never ask her. You’re around a girl who doesn’t think you’re worth dating. So just man up and go for it.


4. Be Willing To Change

Warning – this is not a step for winning over a particular girl. This is what you do if you can successfully act natural around girls, are confident and assertive, and make your intentions known (you want to date her and she should not think you just want to be friends), but are still not seeing good success. At this point, consider that who you are isn’t attractive in a general sense.

People are interested in all sorts of specific traits in individuals, but there are some traits that are attractive to vast majority of the population. If you’re willing to make a change in who you are as an individual to see more success with girls, consider adding some of these traits to your personality:

– Assertiveness (Know what you want and be willing to go balls out for it)

– Humor (Sarcasm and/or Dead-Pan humor)

– Confidence (check out our post on increasing confidence)

– Fitness (Starting working out, doing cardio, or doing a club sport. Bonus points for all three)

– Knowledgeability (Keep on latest happenings in the news )

Personalities are completely changeable with time and care. You see it happen while you’re growing up all the time as friends become enemies and enemies become acquaintances. No reason to think you can’t change your personality to become more attractive in general if you really need to.

Good luck – Go get her.

Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally

This seems like a natural addition to our post on how one can increase their confidence. Naturally, it appeals mainly to boys. Young men of all ages, although particularly in the young teen to age 25 group, are obsessed with methods they can use to increase their testosterone. They don’t want to take steroids, but would like to see increase muscle mass and perhaps even motivation and meaning in their actions.

These are prime ages to want to max out your test, seeing as once men reach the age of 40 they start to see a steady decline in their testosterone levels each year (statistically). The earlier you begin to boost your testosterone naturally, the less these changes will effect you. You might even be able to achieve a longer period of enhanced hormone levels in which you keep your vitality alive for years to come.

The benefits of having higher testosterone are pretty desirable – more muscle mass, more strength, a higher sex drive, stronger erections, and even increased mental capacity. Not to mention less susceptibility to colds and illnesses (to a certain degree). So now that you know all the benefits, how exactly can you achieve an increase in your prime male hormone?

5 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Using Natural Methods

1. Cold Showers

Number one on the list is cold showers. That’s right, the thing that was the bane of your existence when you were younger could be the key to you increasing your overall quality of life.

The benefits of cold showers are nothing to scoff at. You’ll experience improved energy, better blood circulation, and even fat loss once you begin to make the transition from hot to cold showers. My personal recommendation is that instead of taking pure cold showers, you take lukewarm showers to clean yourself, and then finish off with 2-3 minutes of pure cold showers.

When that water hits you, you’ll immediately understand.

It’ll be unbearable in the most powerful of ways. As you sit there, allowing it to rinse over you (and rotating so your entire body gets some of it) you’ll see exactly what the immediate benefits of the cold showers are. You’re forcing yourself into a hardship (albeit very first-world problems) and saying “No, I’m not going to stop just because it’s tough”. That is the very essence of what it means to be a man.

Don’t overdo it though, nothing manly about hypothermia. You only have to stay in the cold water until it starts to feel lukewarm (as your body gets used to it). Then you get exit the shower – and let me assure you, you’ll feel like a King ready to conquer the world when you do.

2. Lifting, Squatting in Particular

Lifting released testosterone into your body. Well guess what? The legs are teh biggest muscles in your body. That’s why an exercise that is designed to hit your entire legs – like the compound exercise known as the squat – is going to increase your testosterone levels drastically. That’s right, it’s time you to even lift, bro.

3. HIIT Cardio

This gets its own section because High Intensity Interval Training is not quite as standard as simple “cardio”. It involves a particular exercise regime designed to improve HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production in your body by up to 300% for limited amounts of time.

Click here to get an amazing guide on HIIT cardio.

4. Zinc

Zinc is critical for your body’s production of testosterone. It’s also typically not consumed enough in an American diet, as it’s primarily found in red meat and seafood like oysters. Look up a list of foods high in zinc, and try and incorporate them in your diet whenever you can. Also, consider supplementing with safe zinc supplements – as you increase your zinc intake, you also want to increase your copper intake as it will directly help your body balance out the zinc. I suggest taking ZMA, as it already has the necessary zinc and compliments to zinc you want. 30-50mg Zinc is enough.


5. Rest


8 hours of sleep a night. You’ve heard this. Well, did you know that your body needs the time sleeping to balance out your hormone production? That includes testosterone. If you’re depriving yourself of adequate sleep, you’re only going to hurt your test levels. Start shooting for longer, uninterrupted sleep so that your body can do it’s job and keep you running at tip-top shape to see an increase in your testosterone.

Now get out there and start getting ready to conquer the world with your masculine energy.

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