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I”m just a Guru looking to solve the problems people have with relationships, love, dating, sex, and everything else under the sun. I believe in world peace, and I believe the first step towards it is satisfaction of all varieties in our lives. But I can’t do all this alone, so I’ve recruited several other writers to help make sure we keep this site up to date with great information for men and women alike look to improve their relationship statuses.

Some people have trouble looking for and finding love. Some people have trouble maintaining it. And others have trouble getting over what they thought was love. We believe that all of those people should be able to find the help they need.

But make note, we do not claim to be experts in any sense of the word. We’ve just personally experienced a lot of matters of the heart, and figure that we might as well share shortcuts and information that we wish we could have known sooner.



This site was started during the summer of 2015, the season of love. We noticed immediate interest in what we were talking about, which encouraged us to start reaching out more and helping people of both genders with their relationship help questions. We were going to initially focus on matters of how to get your ex back, but we figured – why stop there? The person searching for “how to get my ex back” might have a solution, but does that mean all other relationship help questions should be SOL?

People responded to our good advice, so we decided to keep it coming.


Please note, a lot of this stuff is opinionated and we advocate our writers keeping it so. This means a lot of asides and jokes littered throughout the posts just to make sure you know that all of this is just coming from personal opinions, perspectives, and experiences. Don’t take it as fact necessarily, but if find yourself identifying with the material don’t be afraid to consider it more heavily.


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